A 50-year-old man tripped while getting off a bus in Afula, his condition is serious

A 50-year-old man was injured a short time ago (Sunday) after tripping while getting off a bus on Ibn Gvirol Street in Afula. The medical teams of the Rescue Union, along with medics and paramedics of Med"A They gave him medical treatment and evacuated him to the Emek Hospital in the city, in serious condition.

Baruch Goldschmidt, a medic from the rescue team who gave him first aid at the scene, said: "According to passers-by, he tripped while getting off the bus and as a result he badly hurt his head. With the help of other medics we gave him first aid and then he was taken to the Emek Hospital where at this stage his condition is defined as serious".

The circumstances of the case are being investigated.

Shooting in Afula
Illustration. Photo: documentation of Med operations"A

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