Accusation: attacked and threatened his partner on several occasions and even sprayed her with tear gas

The police opened an investigation on 16/10/2022, upon receiving a complaint about a man about 30 years old, who beat and threatened his partner, something that repeated itself as claimed several times.

The investigators of the Jessar a Zarqa station conducted a sensitive and painstaking investigation in conjunction with investigators of domestic violence crimes, during which it emerged that the suspect used to attack his partner and even threatened her on several occasions, and the suspect also sprayed her with tear gas and damaged her car.

In accordance with the needs of the investigation, the police arrested the suspect on 24/11/2022 and his arrest was extended from time to time. As mentioned, a prosecutor’s statement was submitted this morning (Sunday) against him in the Hadera Magistrate’s Court by the Hadera Claims Branch, prior to the filing of an indictment for the offenses attributed to him and a request for detention until the end of the legal proceedings.

Illustration. Photo: freepik

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