After a patient was hospitalized: the Ministry of Health warns the public against consuming diet pills

The Ministry of Health issued a warning today (Sunday), in which it warns the public against consuming the pills Top Plos Slim, M_Ncex and New Diet, when after laboratory tests it was discovered that they contain ecstasy and other prohibited substances. At the beginning of the month, a patient was hospitalized with chest pains, cardiac symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms. This is the second time this year that the Ministry of Health has issued a warning about diet pills that contained dangerous substances and that their consumption led to a person’s hospitalization.

d"R. Roni Berkowitz, Director of the Division for Enforcement and Supervision in the Ministry of Health: "These are pills that are sold illegally for the purpose of weight loss. As a reminder, this is the second time in the last three months that the Ministry of Health has identified the consumption of diet pills containing dangerous substances and that as a result of their consumption, patients required hospitalization. It is important to note that using products containing these substances is immediately life-threatening. In addition, the use of medicinal substances outside of the medical prescription and in a controlled manner may harm public health."

d"R. Berkowitz is back and warns against the dangers of buying drugs, including diet pills, other than through the legal marketing channel. The Ministry of Health calls on the public "Purchase medicines only in places approved for this, such as pharmacies and pharmacy chains, and avoid buying pills through social networks and unfamiliar websites."

Product details:

• Light blue capsule of Top Plos Slim
• M_Ncex brown capsule
• Light blue capsule of New Diet

In the laboratory tests carried out by the Ministry of Health for the products, the following substances were found:

• Ecstasy (MDMA) – a dangerous drug that is used as a stimulant.
• Sibutramine (Sibutramine) – a substance prohibited for use and marketing due to cardiovascular side effects and psychotic side effects.
• Fluoxetine – a psychiatric anti-depressant drug that can only be used after consultation with the attending physician. The drug is marketed in Israel under the trade names Prozac, Plotin, Prisma and Prisma Forte.

diet pills
Photo: Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health
diet pills
Photo: Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health
diet pills
Photo: Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health

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