She gives birth on her birthday: the baby was a few days early and was born on his mother’s date

Mia Saad, 41 years old from Nesher, celebrated her birthday yesterday (Saturday), and in honor of it she received the best gift one could ask for – a healthy and charming son born by normal delivery at Ramb Medical Center"M.

"I was due to give birth in just about a week"Saad explains, "But I didn’t feel so well on Friday. I was sure I had some kind of virus and decided to go to the ER just to be safe. Suddenly it turned out that the birth was starting and within a few hours I was already in the delivery room"she recreates what happened. "He was early and decided to arrive exactly on the morning of my, his, and both of our birthdays"she laughs.

For Saad, who is her third child, the birth is in terms of the best gift she could ask for for her birthday: "The birth progressed quickly and was a great and exciting experience. This is my second birth in Ramb"And the staff was just amazing. I am a professional doula, so I know how to appreciate this experience from all angles. Now every year, I will enjoy this gift again and again. It is truly a special experience to give birth on your birthday".

As mentioned, the Saad family has been celebrating the double birthday celebrations since yesterday. The baby born at 7:30 in the morning weighing 2.910 kg"c naturally became the focus of the event: "Whoever comes to celebrate the birthday with me, is enthusiastic about the little one"jokes the new mother, "There were those who did not know that I had given birth and called to wish me a happy birthday, so we informed them that there was also a baby that had joined us and another reason to be happy. we are happy".

Photo: Courtesy of the Saad family
Illustration. Photo: freepik

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