The family of the missing person in a heartbreaking message: "Please help us bring Moishi home. How long?" - MivzakLive News

The family of the missing person in a heartbreaking message: "Please help us bring Moishi home. How long?"

The Kleinerman family, the family of the 16-year-old boy, Moishi, who has been missing for over 250 days, issued a public notice to the media today (Sunday) morning, asking for help in trying to find him.

Giti Kleinerman, Moishy’s mother, requests and urges anyone who knows anything about what could happen to Moishy, ​​or information about who is connected to his disappearance, and can help solve the mystery, to inform the family and the police.

The family said: "Last weekend we marked 250 days since the disappearance of our dear Moishi Kleinerman. Despite the intentions and searches of the Israel Police, ita unit"for locating missing soldiers"to, y"To, the drone unit for Israel and other professional parties, not a single thread has been found that would shed light on the reason for the disappearance of our Moishi."

Giti Kleinerman, Moishi’s mother said: " It’s hard to get through week after week without our dear Moishi. I know that there is some direction of investigation related to a person who probably harmed ultra-Orthodox children and boys, but the ultra-Orthodox public is unwilling to file complaints with the police or tell about it. I myself have met those who were harmed in Jerusalem and I call on the rabbis and the parents of the children and boys who were harmed to make their voices heard and to go and complain to the police. I am ready to go to the police together with the victims. Please help us bring Moishi home. How long???"

"At the same time, we thank and continue to be moved by all the reinforcements, prayers and love that the Jewish people in Israel and around the world continue to shower on us. There is nothing about our amazing people. Moishi has become everyone’s child and it’s time for us to solve the mystery. Waiting and expecting good news. Gitti and Shmuel Kleinerman." added the worried parents.

Moishi Kleinerman. Photo: Courtesy of the family

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