Bia"H. Carmel is a leader in innovation: experts presented innovative ventures at the World Health Conference

Only a year ago there was a D"R. Alavit Wolf from Carmel’s eye department on the stage of Israel’s innovation ventures to present and convince why a venture "Distance visual acuity test " Worth investment and development.

And this week together with D"Rabbi Sharon Schwartz from the department and accompanied by the director of the department, Prof. Oren Tomkins, they already stood on the same stage as winners, and proudly presented in front of all conference participants " Health – Israel " You are a venture "Hybrid eye clinic" of Carmel’s ophthalmology department as a project selected and promoted to the first cycle as an accelerator of the Ministry of Health’s remote medicine community.

The conference held for the 4th year at Expo Tel Aviv attracts and concentrates the best companies and health bodies in Israel and around the world. At the conference, the best minds from all the worlds of health and medicine meet to review and present the best innovation projects and ventures. Once again this year, the best doctors and researchers in Carmel participated and presented at the conference a groundbreaking innovation from the creative house of Biya"H. Carmel.

d"R. Natalia Goldberg, director of the X-ray Institute in Carmel and Dr"Rabbi Riyad Haddad, director of the second surgical department, presented to the participants of the conference the navigation system for cancer tumors, one of the most advanced in the world, which is installed and operates exclusively in Israel"H. Carmel. d"R. Goldberg and D"R. Haddad presented the process of assimilating the navigation technology for percutaneous treatment of liver and kidney tumors. The new system entered Carmel only about a year ago and it already records impressive success rates in saving lives through the precision of treatment and in reaching tumors in complex places through advanced computerized navigation. As of today, the combined team of the skilled X-ray Institute of Carmel together with the advanced surgeons can simultaneously treat a patient with 8-9 tumors in the kidneys and inject the substances into all the tumors with maximum precision and thus save the patient from complex and complicated surgeries to the point of the danger of removing 2 kidneys and sometimes even death.

d"Rev. Wolff updated the cost of the visual acuity test is so significant that in 30 percent of the repeat visits to the clinic, the visual acuity test is all that is needed, but the congestion in the clinics and queues cause a repeat meeting with the patient only after about six months and during this time his vision can be damaged. That’s why a remote controlled virtual visual acuity test can provide an excellent solution to the problem.

d"Rabbi Sharon Kama is the director of the quality and safety system at Bia"H and the person responsible for innovation in Carmel said that " It is exciting and inspiring and proud to conclude another year of initiative and implementation of practical innovation through our innovation center, thanks to for inviting us to present and participate. At the Carmel Innovation Center we continue to initiate and develop every day, it’s exciting to see how these initiatives build skin and tendons and generate small revolutions in favor of better, available and safe care for our patients ".
A partner in the production and success of the conference is Carmel Hali Rostocker, the innovation leader of Bia"H.

Photography: Eli Dadon

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