Rocket fire and earthquake alerts will be activated as part of an exercise by the Home Front Command

Readiness exercises of the Home Front Command will take place in the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday). As part of the civil space exercise for an emergency, the Home Front Command will practice the following scenarios in the coming week: rocket and missile fire and an earthquake.
• On Tuesday at 10:05 a warning will be activated about rocket and missile fire in the Yavnal settlement.
• On Wednesday at 18:05 an earthquake warning will be activated in the city of Ra’anana.

The alerts will be heard as part of practicing the emergency system in the localities and practicing the behavior guidelines. Also, the alerts may be heard in the spaces adjacent to the spaces used. If a true alert is activated, an additional ascending and descending alarm will sound and a true event will be reported in the Home Front Command application.

More information can be found at the home front command center at 104, via WhatsApp messages at 052-9104104, atThe national portal. and on social networks. ToFull information about the new alert to an earthquake.

Illustration. Photo: Zaka Spokesperson

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