Alternative investments – attractive alternatives for investing in the capital market

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Quite a few people are afraid to invest their money in the stock market and the capital market in what is considered investments "traditionalism" (Buying stocks, bonds, etc"B). Sometimes these concerns are more justified and sometimes less so, but in any case it is very worthwhile to get to know some very attractive alternatives to traditional investments, which are a necessary and worthwhile alternative both during periods when the market rises and during periods when it falls, of which we have seen quite a few during the last year and a half. What is considered an investment? "alternative" Today, and what are the characteristics and advantages of these investments over traditional investments?

First option – social investments

One of the main and most interesting types of alternative investments in terms of risk-return ratio is the so-called "social investments", or P2P (Peer to Peer) investments. In the framework of these investments, the investor essentially lends his money to any borrowers through the mediation of an investment platform between the borrower and the lender (instead of through mediation the bank which charges quite a few commissions of different types…), which guarantees that each of the parties to the transaction will receive what they are supposed to receive and will not be exposed to unnecessary risk. As a result one is obtained The types of investments The most interesting and profitable today – the lenders receive a profitable return for their savings (and in many cases also higher than the capital market return at the same risk level) while the borrowers receive a loan on favorable terms. As mentioned, these investments have an excellent ratio of risk versus return. An option that is definitely worth knowing and trying!

Second option – real estate investments"N

Another type of investment alternative to investing in the capital market is real estate investments"N. The real market"It appears to be one of the most stable and resistant markets to various shocks that occur in both the local and global economy, starting with a recession and ending with a global epidemic. It seems that the value of the real estate"It only goes up and up over time, although in the current period and in light of the interest rate hike, only a few days will tell. Real estate purchase"It is considered a relatively safe investment, but the main problem of real estate"n as an alternative investment channel – is that in order to invest in the field a very high equity is usually required, which many small investors simply do not have.

Third option – cryptographic currencies

Cryptocurrencies, better known as digital currencies (or simply called "Crypto") have become extremely popular during the last decade, due to the phenomenal jumps in the value of certain currencies, chief among them of course Bitcoin. Investing in digital currencies can yield an irreplaceable, truly astronomical return within relatively short periods of time, but to the same extent can also be characterized by no less sharp declines. That is, it is an extremely volatile investment that requires the investor to have a strong heart and nerves of steel. Since this is a very risky and speculative investment, it is highly recommended to study the field in depth before embarking on this type of adventure.

In conclusion, there are several alternative investment avenues to the traditional investments in the capital market and securities, avenues that are characterized by significant advantages, and some also by disadvantages that are important to recognize in any case, it is good to know that there is an alternative. Many times it is the wisest step that is most requested to be taken…

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