Bank of Israel: Present rates for foreign currencies – 06/12/2022

The markets division of the Bank of Israel is updating today (Tuesday) from the transaction room the representative rates for foreign currencies as of 06/12/2022.

Notice dated 06-12-2022 regarding exchange rates for foreign currencies
GateCountryunits and currency
3.4080United States1 dollar
4.1526UK1 pound"ninth
2.4948Japan100 yen
3.5798European Monetary Union1 euro
2.2919Australia1 dollar
2.5015Canada1 dollar
0.4813Denmark1 crown
0.3426Norway1 crown
0.1966South Africa1 Rand
0.3287Sweden1 crown
3.6232Switzerland1 franc
4.8047Jordan banknotes1 dinar
0.0225Lebanon banknotes10 lira
0.1384Egypt banknotes1 lira

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