forces meter"A are prepared to medically secure the Eilat 2022 triathlon

The Eilat 2022 triathlon competition (the 35th Israeli championship) will start on Friday (9.12) in the early morning hours from the City of the Kings in Eilat. About a thousand participants will be medically secured by large forces of Med"A are expected to compete in swimming, cycling and running.

Med forces will be deployed in the area of ​​the event and along the entire length of the routes"A. Using intensive care vehicles, ambulances, motorbikes"And teams of first aid providers who will move with medical equipment on the routes alongside the participants in order to provide a medical response to any need. Sea boat-Bolens intensive care of Med"A. Provide medical assistance to swimmers if they need it. At the end point, an emergency tent will be set up with ICU beds that will be staffed by"Medics and paramedics of Med"A. In them, advanced medical equipment will be placed, including water baths with ice, the purpose of which is to quickly cool down victims of severe heat strokes.

Director of the Eilat-Ilot sector in Med"A, Gabi Bribo: "Med teams"A. who work in full cooperation with the production of the competition and the Israel Police are prepared to provide an immediate medical response and handle any scenario. The Eilat Triathlon is a fun sporting event and in order to maintain the health of the participants of the competition, I ask the participants to obey the instructions of the organizers, to make all the necessary health preparations in advance, and if they do not feel well to slow down the activity, stop on the side of the track and immediately call the emergency services"A. Deployed in the field or on the 101 emergency line or through the ‘Med"my a "

gauge"A. Motorcycles - illustration
Photo: Dovrat Med"A

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