in a budget of 23 million sh"H: 12 foreign productions will be filmed in Israel with the encouragement of the state

An inter-ministerial committee, which is shared by the Investment Authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this week approved the applications of 12 Israeli production companies, for grants amounting to approximately NIS 23 million submitted as part of the first allocation of the program in Israel.

With the publication of the new aid route, 19 applications were received reflecting a demand for the program in the amount of approximately NIS 51 million – 2.2 times the budget allocated to the program. The submitted applications will result in an investment in filming movies and TV series in Israel amounting to over NIS 172 million

Among the productions whose application was approved, we will soon see leading production corporations such as: Mediawan, Fremantle Media, Warner Bros. (WB), Emjag Productions, Showtime from Viacom and other production corporations from Canada, USA"In Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.

The list of the Israeli production companies that won aid in this allocation this year:

Abbott Mayiri Communications Ltd"M
Ertzeh Ltd"M
Mulberry Productions (2004) Ltd"M
Green Productions- Kurland Greenspan Ltd"M
The Split series is a limited partnership
Snowball VFX Ltd"M
Count movies
Firma Films
Udi Vagya Productions Ltd"M
Bostan Films Ltd"M
Have Studio Jerusalem Ltd"M

In 2023, the Investment Authority intends to continue the program to encourage foreign productions in Israel. The partner government ministries believe that the important step will bring with it a significant message, the center of which is the positive branding of Israel in the world as a center for shooting international films and series, using the natural resources and unique and historical filming sites that exist in Israel. Also, the decision will provide livelihood to many Israelis who will participate in the various productions.

Israel has many advantages in the field of the film industry and series that include a good infrastructure of facilities and production services, skilled professionals and an available pool of graduates from leading film schools in the world and it can be a significant focus for foreign productions to film in Israel. Bringing the foreign production industry to Israel will serve as a lever for the development of Israeli culture, incoming tourism as well as financial support, especially after a particularly difficult year and a half due to the Corona epidemic.

Shlomo Atias, director of the Investment Authority and who headed the committee that selected the productions that will receive support, said: " The program puts Israel in line with most of the countries of the world that provide aid and incentives to encourage filming on their territory. In the process of work we discovered the beautiful face of the Israeli film industry and the great global interest in Israel. I hope that our assistance will bring more and more foreign production companies to invest in Israel. I thank all our partners in the ministries of culture and sports, foreign affairs, finance and tourism".

Galit Vahva Shashu, Head of the Culture and Arts Administration at the Ministry of Culture and Sports: "That we lived and existed and reached this time! We worked over a long period of time together with the various government ministries to create a support mechanism for the purpose of encouraging foreign film and television productions in Israel and today I am happy to announce that we have succeeded: 12 foreign productions from the best production companies abroad"will receive support and bring the magical scenery of the State of Israel to the screens and screens around the world. The support mechanism for foreign productions in Israel is tantamount to providing a significant injection of encouragement to our excellent local human capital in the various fields of production. Thanks to all the partners in this blessed initiative in the government offices and… cheers to the winners!"

CEO"To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alon Oshfizin: "Thanks to the procedure for encouraging foreign productions, Israel joined a prestigious club of countries that provide incentives to international productions to encourage them to come and film on their territory. In recent years, Israel’s status as a television and film content power has risen and the Israeli story generates global interest and curiosity. Along with the promotion of cooperation agreements in the field of cinema, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to strengthen political and bilateral ties through the cultural tool and the new procedure will both strengthen the Israeli economy and encourage tourism and present the beautiful face of Israel that we all know".

Finney Shani, Head of Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism: "The Ministry of Tourism invests in and encourages the shooting of foreign films in Israel, as it is known that viewers tend to visit places where films they liked were filmed and also follow movie stars they admire. Also, the existence of the productions in Israel creates another means of exposing Israel as an attractive tourist destination. The productions will enable a broad exposure of Israel in an objective way to many audiences around the world. The budgets that the Ministry of Tourism invested in assisting those foreign productions justified the investment and even more".

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Illustration. Photography: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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