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People who want to get in shape and are unable to do so, often look for the reason, when most of the time they will be content with telling themselves that they are not successful in it because the field of sport they have chosen is not suitable for them. But the truth is that there are several reasons for the lack of success, one of which is not listening to the body. In the next article we will explain what it means to exercise by listening to your body.

painful? You probably did not adjust the training level to your body

One of the reasons why people stop exercising after a week of training is due to the fact that they simply exercised at too high an intensity for the fitness level their body is in now. This usually happens when there is an increase in motivation and desire to get in shape and we act quickly to perform. After a week of high intensity training, many muscles are seized, there are pains in the whole body and it is very difficult to exercise in the following days, which makes people stop the habit they started and stop exercising. The way to deal with this problem is by the assistance of private fitness instructor that can build a suitable activity for you according to an effort bar adapted to your physical fitness level. The effort bar will be able to be changed by the fitness trainer when the time comes, when your body will get used to the different exercises and the intensity and will ask for a higher level. Effort bar is listening to the body. Instead of causing him unnecessary damage and a break in fitness, we give him the opportunity to perform fitness that will increase over time.

Sick or tired? This is a time of rest for you!

Another important thing to do when exercising regularly is to understand that not at all costs! It is not recommended to exercise when you are sick or tired. When you are tired or sick and you do not give up training, you may get injured. It is better that you rest for a few days, after which you can return to the fitness you planned. This will not destroy your habit, but will allow you to strengthen your body and prevent unnecessary injuries. If you hired a personal fitness trainer, there is a good chance that he will explain it to you.

Good nutrition

When you start exercising regularly, it’s also important to work on a proper diet in moderation. Many people exercise regularly and do not understand why they do not see results. The reason for this is in most cases due to poor nutrition. It is recommended to go to a nutritionist and thus complete the change you are going through to a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity in combination with proper nutrition. Only in this combination can you achieve real results.


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