Queen Merad: 11-year-old Annabelle surprised the Israeli chess master

It’s not every day that you compete equally against a chess master. It’s not every day that a girl in the 6th grade does this. Last night (Monday) the Israel Chess Championship opened, coming to Arad for the first time as part of the desire to introduce chess to the periphery. In addition to the Shi’el event in the coming week, a chess event was held in the educational institutions of the city where they began to study chess under the leadership of projector Assaf After, a native of the city and who serves as a projector in the field on behalf of the Israel Chess Union.

As part of the activity, the Israeli artist played simultaneous games against 78 Arad children, one prodigy surprised him in a big way: 11-year-old Annabel Moyal from Halamish School was the one who managed to surprise, and reach a fascinating draw against the Israeli artist – Arad Zak. “Annabel played excellent. She was the last one left after everyone finished their games. She is a wonderful player who chose a Dutch style of defense. She has great potential!”

The lift from the south, Annabel Moyal said excitedly: “It was stressful and exciting at first, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s a huge dream I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll get to promote chess through Tiktok,” Assaf After, born in Arad, added: “Under the leadership of the Israeli Chess Association, we hold simultaneous games throughout the country and make chess accessible to the periphery.”

Ilana Rose, director of"S. Halamish Barad was very excited about the event and said: "It was important for us to introduce chess to the school and there has been a tremendous response to it. It is a great pleasure to see the children playing and it is a quantity that increases all the time. We know how much this game develops thinking and gives tools for life. We will continue as much as possible to allow students to experience chess in the future as well".

Yu"Israel Chess Association head Zvika Barkai: “We are looking for elites like Annabel and promoting them, the goal is to raise a generation of champions and today chess exists in over a thousand schools in Israel.”

Photo: SE No"C
Photo: SE No"C
Photo: SE No"C

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