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Renting Gali Naama yachts is an opportunity to go on a small vacation, of a few hours, in the middle of the week or in the middle of the day. There’s no need to take time off from work, and you don’t need a passport, it’s a fun cruise of a few hours, to a destination you can choose. And when it comes to a couple who is interested in a special experience – there is nothing more fun, connecting and intimate than a romantic cruise.

But why should we tell about Gali Naama yacht rental and an experience of A romantic cruise when we can let our customers speak?

Danny and Sivan, both thirty years old, a minute before the wedding

Danny: Michal saw on Facebook a marriage proposal on a yacht that her friend had accepted. Her face immediately fell, because it was clear to her that she would probably receive a marriage proposal in some restaurant, something routine like that.

Sivan: I didn’t get depressed, don’t exaggerate. But I was jealous, yes. They would be seen in the middle of a romantic moonlit cruise, it’s perfect.

Danny: The part where I actually planned to propose to her in the restaurant. I didn’t say anything, but in my head I started running scripts, thinking about what I was doing.

Sivan: I just wanted a slightly different experience. Danny and I are two geeky engineers, I wanted something more experiential.

Danny: I heard from a number of friends before about Gali Naama yacht charters, and I thought, now is the right time to contact them.

Sivan: If you knew Gali Naama yacht rental, why did you wait haha?

Danny: The truth is that I thought it was something very expensive, such a luxurious pastime. But no, it turns out not at all. I immediately called them, they were crazy nice and efficient. They asked what I wanted to do, and when I told them that I was going to propose to you, they immediately instructed me on what to do and how to plan it, so that we would have a perfect romantic sunset cruise.

Sivan: It was perfect! As I arrived, a red carpet was waiting for me. I boarded the gorgeous yacht and immediately they poured champagne for us. The skipper was so considerate, he arranged for us to connect to the boat’s Bluetooth speakers and we heard romantic music exactly what we like the music on Danny’s cell phone.

Danny: I chose her in advance.

Sivan: Then we were served a simply perfect dinner.

Danny: I chose her too.

Sivan: Really? from where

Danish: Gali Naama yacht rental They gave me several suggestions and options to choose from, since I know what you like, I ordered the meal for us from the excellent fish restaurant.

Sivan: Wow, what a production, I was not aware of all this. In short, when we finished eating, the skipper suddenly opened a large and magnificent sign that rolled down from the roof and on it was written "My love, have you courted me?" Danny got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to marry him. At that moment in front of us the sun set on the sea horizon, it was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life, the waves were quiet, and a few seagulls crossed the sky. I felt it was us and the sea, us and nature. It was exciting, and lovely!

Danny: And she said yes!

Sivan: A guy who organizes a romantic cruise for you, don’t you say yes to him?

Danny: We have to say thank you to Gali Naama yacht rental company. They were just great. Without them, I’m not sure I would have been able to organize all of this.

In short, we highly recommend Gali Naama yacht charter, their phone number: 0504600470

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