The paramedic who arrived at the incident and discovered that the injured person was his son: "It’s not easy when you need to take care of a family member"

A young man about 19 years old was injured a short time ago (Tuesday) in an attack where stones were thrown at his vehicle by terrorists in the south of Mount Hebron. Paramedic Med"A, Elad Pess, was called to attend to the incident, and when he arrived at the scene he was surprised to find out that the injured person was his son.

The Ramdik Elad said after the event: "We received a report of a shooting incident on the road near the settlement of Carmel, we went out to scan and check if there were any casualties, when we arrived we saw the vehicle standing at the entrance to the settlement, the driver said that his vehicle was shot at during the drive but he was not injured by the gunfire. During the questioning, another report was received about stones being thrown at a vehicle with an injured person further down the road, I was informed that it was my son, we joined my son’s car and I saw that he was injured by the stone and suffered injuries to his limbs and face as a result of broken glass."

"It’s not easy when you need to take care of a family member, but fortunately the injuries were minor and he received the necessary medical treatment, after which we evacuated him for further medical treatment at Bia"H Soroka when his condition is mild." added a dash.

gauge"A. Jordan - rescue organization - car accident
Illustration. Photo: Rescue organization spokeswoman

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