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The third age contains difficult challenges. Many adults experience physiological and cognitive changes that cause a significant decrease in the ability to perform daily activities. The reasons for impairment of function are many and varied: decrease in the quality of hearing and vision, neurological disorders, degenerative changes, chronic diseases and medical procedures that require prolonged rehabilitation. Prescription drugs can also cause side effects and impair physical function.

These changes significantly affect the daily routine of the elderly at home and outside, and require the adults and their family members to reorganize. A person’s home is his fortress, and therefore it is important to preserve the sense of security and protection in the home environment, and to adapt to the changing needs of every adult. In this way, the chance of accidents and falls that could endanger the life of the adult and seriously damage the quality of life is significantly reduced.

Tips for accessibility and home protection

As mentioned, daily activities that were taken for granted in the past, are now a rather complex task for seniors who are dealing with mobility disabilities. The decrease in function can lead to a feeling of frustration and depression, and it is important for you to neutralize as much as possible hazards and obstacles in the living environment. A safe and accessible home preserves the elderly person’s sense of competence, and allows him to lead a normal and happy life.

Access to the bathroom and toilets

Most falls among adults occur as a result of slipping in the bathroom. How, then, can the chance of falling in the shower be reduced?

a shower A bath significantly increases the chance of tripping and slipping and therefore bathing in a shower is considered safer.

Use of liquid soap The solid soap may fall and be a significant risk factor for slipping and falling.

Non-slip flooring in and around the shower and the use of carpets Replacing a smooth floor with a rough floor alongside the use of carpets is critical in old age. In addition, it is important to wipe the shower floor well before leaving it.

use of a chair Many elderly adults find it difficult to stand and keep their balance while bathing, so it is recommended to use a sturdy plastic chair.

Installation of handholds to prevent slipping The handholds allow the older person to safely get out of the shower. They help prevent falls as a result of slipping and provide a sense of security.


Falling down the stairs in old age has significant consequences in relation to the quality and life expectancy of the elderly, and therefore it is extremely important to neutralize potential hazards.

Removal of obstacles It is important to keep the stairs free of objects and hazards that could cause tripping and falling.

lighting Many of the seniors face a decrease in the quality of their vision, and therefore care must be taken to place lighting fixtures in the vicinity of the stairs.

Painting the top step It is recommended to paint the upper step with a color that stands out to the eye, thus reducing the chance of falls.

Abrasion and wear and tear – broken, worn and worn staircases can cause fatal accidents. In cases of significant wear and tear, it is recommended to renovate and replace the stairs.

Installation of handholds The installation of handrails is critical for the elderly population. Handholds help maintain balance and prevent falls, as well as provide a sense of security.

Kitchen safety

cleaning the floor It is important to prevent the chance of slipping by cleaning the floor from water and food residues.

The location of the kitchen utensils It is important to make sure that objects and kitchen utensils that the elderly person needs are within reach. Objects placed in tall cabinets sometimes require climbing on a chair An action that is considered dangerous for older people.

lighting The kitchen environment can be dangerous in the absence of proper lighting.

Distress buttons

There are two types of emergency buttons: fixed buttons installed around the house, and handheld buttons. The existence of the emergency buttons is particularly important, as it saves the lives of many adults in cases of accidents and falls.

The ultimate solution – moving to a sheltered home

As mentioned, adapting the home to the changing needs of the elderly preserves the feeling of competence and significantly reduces the chance of accidents. However, in many cases, home accessibility is not enough. In recent years, the elderly population has faced many challenges. The corona epidemic that spread around the world forced on the entire population and in particular on the elderly population, a prolonged disconnection from family members and friends. The period of isolation in which the seniors were left without a support system, sharpened even more the need of this population for a protected, enveloping, warm and inclusive living environment.

The demanding reality of life does not allow children to be available to their parents around the clock. Also, the accessibility of the house does not meet all needs when the parent lives in his own home. A person in his third year is no longer as sharp as he was before, and many accidents occur in moments of lack of concentration or lack of awareness of environmental hazards. Independent adults with a high level of functioning also often need guidance and assistance in emergencies. If so, the third age gives rise to new insights among adults. Many of them come to the decision to move toA protected housewhich provides protection and security alongside the existence of a vibrant community life.

The advantages of the sheltered home

Peace of mind to the family members Most of the sheltered housing houses are in continuous contact with the tenants. Every morning the tenants receive a phone call from representatives who demand their safety and make sure to provide a response in emergency cases. This guarantees peace of mind for the tenant’s family, who know that he is in good hands.

A medical assistance system available to residents 24/7 A medical team, made up of the best professionals, has time for residents all hours of the day, and it is appropriate to provide immediate help in emergency situations. If necessary, the team provides close medical supervision. In addition, tenants who need medicines receive them in the sheltered housing complex, which saves them from going to the pharmacy.

social services A team consisting of leading professionals in the field of welfare, provides the tenants with psychological assistance and accompanies them closely in times of crisis and distress.

Sports activities to preserve and strengthen physical fitness Many falls and accidents that occur in the third age, originate from degenerative changes, the depletion of muscle mass and the lack of coordination. The leading assisted housing chains encourage the residents to engage in physical activity, and hold diverse sports activities. Some of the sheltered housing complexes also have a pool.

catering In some cases, for example after surgery, residents need help preparing food. In sheltered housing you don’t have to worry about buying groceries and preparing meals at all, as they provide a complete economy including balanced and quality meals. In addition, the residents have a restaurant and a cafe at their disposal, where they can spend time together in their free time.

Maintenance services The shelters provide laundry, cleaning and repair services in the resident’s home.

transportation The leading shelters provide transportation services for going out for errands and meetings with family members.

Distress buttons The speed of response in emergency situations is of utmost importance. Assisted living An experienced and professional aware of the importance of having emergency buttons in various locations throughout the apartment. In emergencies, the tenants can press the emergency button without dialing. The medical staff members who are nearby will provide immediate help upon receiving the alert.

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