"Time to fix. before the damage is irreversible. A Jewish state"

Ha"jug"R. Shlomo Karai from the Likud party commented today (Tuesday) in a tweet he wrote on his Twitter account, about the storm surrounding the government’s apparent desire to amend the Law of Return, and especially"The grandson section".

At the beginning of his remarks, Karai wrote: "In the chronicles of the Knesset, it is clear as day that the main reasoning for the grandson section was that the Jewish immigrant should not be faced with an impossible choice between immigrating to Israel and his non-Jewish family. The Law of Return was drafted in the days when Israel was a poor and persecuted country, and almost no one imagined that many would immigrate to it for economic reasons…"

Ha also added"As Karai wrote: "Today, decades later, after those who chose to tie their fate to the fate of the Jewish people had already immigrated to the Land of Israel, the reality has changed. The reality in recent years, and there is no disputing this, is that this law is being used by many, non-Jews, who have severed all ties with the Jewish people and its heritage, to immigrate here for economic reasons."

"72% of the immigrants in 2020 are not Jewish. 41% of the immigrants in the last year received a passport and benefits and returned to their homeland. This is not just a waste of public money, but an existential danger to the future of the Jewish people here in this country, with the proliferation of mixed marriages and difficult assimilation. Time to fix. before the damage is irreversible. A Jewish state!" Karai added.

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Noam Moshkovich

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