One of the greatest Israeli musicians passed away at the age of 72, Ra"M and the president paid tribute to him

One of the greatest Israeli guitarists and musicians, Yitzhak (Churchill) Clifter, passed away this evening (Thursday) at the age of 72. Clifter was a member of the bands Hive, Ahrit Al-Yam, Tsliv Mishin and the Churchills, in which he played guitar and is considered one of the guitar players The gifted in Israel.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid tweeted on his Twitter account: "”There are types who treat life like an organized trip / but I don’t travel / I take my time…” Farewell Clifter, and a big thank you for the wonderful soundtrack you left us."

The President of the State, Yitzhak Herzo wrote: "Yitzhak Clifter, Churchill, the youth view of many of us, the star of “Beehive” and the king of the guitar, a gifted composer and writer. His voice and melodies will accompany us forever. Of blessed memory."

From the Twitter page: @Isaac_Herzog

Defense Minister Benny Gantz paid tribute to Clifter and wrote: "Yitzhak Clifter soared into the horizon and disappeared. He left us the assets of an iron sheep, smiles and also a memory of fighting against a serious illness and a strong desire to play and receive the love of the audience that loved him so much – time and time again. We can only hope that he is somewhere laughing at the sun and the clouds. Yitzhak, thank you for the songs, the free imagination and the sound that is all so deliberate. We will miss you, through the songs you left us. My condolences to the family. "

Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Troper reacted to the bitter news: “Deep sadness over the death of Yitzhak Klifter, who was and will always be a central part of the Israeli soundtrack. Kleftar was a gifted musician and creator and the sounds he created were a sound directed straight into the hearts of masses of Israelis, sounds that will remain even after his passing. Shares in the grief of his relatives and friends, may his memory be blessed.’

Photo: Moshe Milner, L.A.M

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