Whoopi Goldberg returned to Sura: "The holocaust is not related to race"

The American actress Whoopi Goldberg was interviewed for the Times of London newspaper and repeated her controversial statements about the Holocaust, in which she claimed that she "Not related to race".

Whoopi promoted her new film about Emmett Till, an African-American boy who was murdered by white racists in the US South"In the 1950s because they thought he was flirting with a white woman. However, during the interview she returned to her controversial comments about the Holocaust that caused her suspension from her show The View last February.

In February she was suspended from The View for saying that the Holocaust "Not related to race" And it’s just brutal violence of "Bricks on bricks".

Goldberg apologized for offending people after the criticism she received, but in her most recent interview she insisted that she does not believe that being Jewish is a race.

Goldberg insisted that the Holocaust: "Wasn’t originally because of race". She noted that the Nazis also killed people they thought were "mentally damaged".

When the interviewer said that in the eyes of the Nazis the Jews were considered a race, Goldberg said that it was wrong to use their definition: "The oppressor tells you what you are. Why do you believe them? They are Nazis. Why believe what they say?"

She added: "This does not change the fact that it was impossible to recognize a Jew on the street. You could recognize me. You couldn’t recognize them. That was the point I was making".

After the last time she got involved with these comments, she apologized and said: "I understand. angry people I accept it and I did it to myself. That was my thought process and I will work hard to never think that way again".

But now it seems that she has not learned from her past mistakes and will suffer the same criticisms again; You may receive harsher criticism due to the increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the US"and anti-Semitic statements from other celebrities such as Kanye West.

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg. Taken from Whoopi Goldberg’s Facebook page.

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