"Isaac had no time left to wait": The touching contribution of the singer Omer Adam to a cancer patient

Yitzhak Shabat, a resident of Haifa, has high-risk prostate cancer. For him, starting treatment with the drug ‘Avitron’ is important and essential to prevent the spread of the disease.

These days the drug is contending to be included in the drug basket for patients without metastases, but Isaac has no time left to wait.

The singer Omer Adam and his father Yaniv could not remain indifferent to Yitzhak’s heartbreaking story, and decided to respond with a moving act and donate to Yitzhak the medicine at a cost of hundreds of thousands of shekels through the association they founded for the love of Israel in the name of Nissan and Yekutiel Adam Z"To. Raphael Hospital offered to assist in the process of purchasing the medicine.

These days the medicine is competing for the medicine basket and the best solution is to include the medicine in the basket, as there are many other patients throughout Israel whose story does not sound like Isaac’s. The responsibility for medicines in Israel cannot rely on the kindness of contributors, but by those responsible for public health.

Omer Adam
Photo: Simon Elmelem

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