Research: Men get more vacation days than women

Men receive 10% more vacation days on average than women as part of their employment contracts, according to a study conducted by the startup company Sorbet, which developed and manages a platform for managing and optimizing vacation days for organizations. While men receive an average of 14.6 vacation days per year, women receive only 13.3 days. The study shows that women also seldom take advantage of the vacation days allotted to them, so that the gap between the sexes increases to 33% extra vacation days for men.

According to Vital Eilat-Richel, co-founder and CEO"Unfortunately, in companies that do not place vacation as an important value, employees sometimes do not feel comfortable asking for vacations, even if they are entitled to them as part of the agreement. It turns out that in women the feeling of"not nice" Much more dominant than the men, who, as in many other cases, know how to make better use of their rights. From the research we conducted, it became clear that women were more likely to take sick days to the extent of 27% more than men. Apparently they are the ones who provide answers in cases of children’s illness or for their own personal reasons.

1345 full-time employees participated in the study. The study compared the situation today with the one before the corona virus and found that 55% of all vacation days are not used at all by the employees. One of the explanations for this is the hybrid work that allows employees to make some of the private arrangements on the days assigned to work from home thanks to the savings in travel time. 31% of the respondents in the survey said that they feel uncomfortable asking for vacation days, when in any case they work several days a week from home.

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Besurba warns that the continuation of the situation of underutilization of vacation days creates a financial challenge for employers, since at the end of work the employees are entitled to receive payment for the unused days. This is a commitment that adds up to significant amounts at the organizational level. The scope of the obligations of employers in the USA"b For not taking vacation days is currently estimated at 318 billion dollars, a 17% increase since 2019 following the Corona years when the number of vacation days used was extremely low. Inflation, the increase in salaries and the tendency of employees to change jobs more than before increase the obligations, some of which will have to be paid already in the coming years.

"The decrease in the desire of employees to exercise their right to vacations requires the attention of managers," says Vital Eilat-Richel. "Employees must be given legitimacy to request and exercise the vacations they deserve in full. The breathing space that vacation days provide is necessary for maintaining motivation at work, productivity and loyalty to the workplace over time. From an economic point of view, it is also better for organizations not to accumulate heavy financial obligations due to unused vacation days."

Vital Eilat Richel CEO"Lith was refused. Photography: Hadar Cohen

Sorbet’s platform analyzes vacation patterns in companies and provides detailed and accessible information to employees and the possibility to convert unused vacation days into immediately available money. The use of sorbet leads to a 15% increase in the utilization of vacation days, a common interest also for a company that cares about the well-being of its employees. The advantage for the companies is the reduction of future liabilities on the balance sheet, which are linked to the increase in the employee’s salary and sometimes add up to huge amounts. The expense also allows for an increase in the company’s tax return.

The company was founded in 2019 by Vital Eilat-Reichel, Eliez Shapira (CTO) and Rami Kasterstein. Sorba employs 45 people in the development center in Tel Aviv, New York and Kyiv.

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