Successful pilot: Traknet demonstrated a reduction in diesel consumption in IDF vehicles"To

The results of a pilot conducted under laboratory conditions showed that Trucknet Enterprise’s system (Trucknet Smart Catalyst), designed to reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollutant emissions, achieved a 7% reduction in diesel consumption under laboratory conditions.

Following the results of the successful experiment, Tza"L announced today to the Traknet company that he intends to go on an extensive field test that includes combat equipment, all-terrain vehicles of various types and large-scale transport center vehicles.

As a reminder, following the strategic cooperation and connecting the device to Trucknet’s emissions calculator and receiving exclusivity in Israel, Europe, the US and the Gulf countries, with the American company Rentar, Trucknet began an experiment with the IDF vehicle fleet in order to test the effect of the Trucknet Smart Catalyst device, designed to reduce fuel consumption fuel and reducing pollutant emissions in diesel engines, on the body’s vehicles and this as part of its ambition to advance in the use of new technologies.

IDF vehicle fleet"For the current consumption of about 100 million liters of diesel per year. The official diesel price today is NIS 9.38 per liter, and therefore, according to the results of the experiment, this is a potential saving of tens of millions of NIS per year.

Trakant is currently in talks with the US Army as well"B, which examines the company’s technology in the field of shipping optimization in the transportation and logistics industry, and the company is working to expand its operations in Europe by obtaining a BNAT supplier number"and.

However, the Traknet company clarifies that it cannot evaluate the results of the field test and that there is no commitment from the Israel Defense Forces"to purchase the catalytic accessory even if the experiment is successful.

According to Hanan Friedman, Tarkant CEO, "I am happy and welcome the army’s announcement and the good results, especially in a time of energy crisis and a jump in fuel costs. The significance of these results is important both due to the system’s ability to reduce diesel consumption and the resulting reduction in polluting emissions, up to a reduction of approximately 15%. I am pleased that we will be able to demonstrate our technology in a wide variety of vehicles, in order to demonstrate its enormous potential."

Friedman also added that "In Israel alone there are 250,000 heavy vehicles that represent potential for us due to being wasteful fuel consumers and thus, tens of millions of trucks moving throughout Europe and the USA and that is where we are aiming. The savings generated by the experiment, in relation to the unit price, which is $4,000 for the consumer, puts the return on investment (ROI) on an extremely short time, which will allow Traknet to offer its solution as an immediate, efficient, simple to install and cheap solution for large fleets of vehicles, and significantly increase its income in the future."

Trucknet Enterprise, which was established in 2016 by Mr. Hanan Friedman, who serves as the company’s CEO, employs over 40 employees spread across offices in France, Romania and Israel.

The converter is installed in the Hummer Tza engine"to me. Photo credit: Trakant

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