After conquering the radio stations: Narcissus in a new song for 2023 – "We have no end"

After conquering the radio stations and charts with her big hits: "going with you", "fields", "Queen" and- "go straight"and after she won the Eco Award"for the year 2022 in the song of the year category with the song "going with you"Narcissus releases this morning a new first song for 2023 which arrives just in time to warm everyone up this winter – "We have no end". The song was written by Narkis together with Stav Begar and Tsilil Klipi, the leading musicians in the industry who have collaborated with Narkis in the past and created big hits! The new song will join an impressive list of hits from the beginning of Narkis’ career until today in the upcoming winter show tour and one of the biggest performances at Reading 3 in Tel Aviv on 19.1!

“We have no end”, this is a song that came down to us in another amazing connection between me and Tslid Clipi and the producer Stav Begar. This song comes to encourage us to be, to live and to create despite the fear, because those who are afraid of fear – do not dance at sunrise either. And above all to remind us to get closer to our authenticity – to who we once were, and to understand that we too create the image of our lives. But most of all, this is a song that came down here to give us hope, because no matter how difficult, lost or painful the situation sometimes seems, we are not alone, everything in the world has a purpose and in the end we will find the way back to ourselves and to him. Therefore, there is no, there is no despair in the world.. Thanks to my partners for this work, there is no excitement for me."


on moonless nights
I always told you
He who is afraid of fear
Neither does dancing at sunrise
I remember where I came from
How the ball turned
Once up once down
Maybe we should sit down

We have no end
you will be my sea
And for you I am a beach
We are both painters of the picture
blue yellow
dancing in the water
I’m here
I found my way back

There is no despair in the world

on moonlit nights
How I want to get closer
To who I used to be
Fields I ran in

There is no despair in the world


Narcissus – We have no end (Prod. by Stav Beger)
Lyrics and music: Narkis, Stav Begar and Clif Sound
Arrangement and musical production: Stav Begar
Guitars: Shimon Yahya
Keyboards and programming: Stav Begar
Mix and master: Stav Begar
Recorded at “Session 42” studios


Single cover design and lyric video production: Avoxvision

Personal management: Ronit Arbel
Booking shows: Helikon Canaan Shows
Production management: Daniel Oster
PR – Zavik Dror PR and media strategy, Karin Rahmin

Narcissus tour:
5.1 Givat Brenner
12.1 Gray Yehud
2.3 The Northern Theater
29.3 Ariel

Cover design: Avoxvision

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