Not only the daughter of: Noam Kleinstein in a new single – "I wrote the song ‘Two of you’ at the age of 15"

Noam Kleinstein, the young singer, today (Tuesday) releases another single from her debut album. the song "Two of you" wrote Kleinstein who was only 15 years old.

"I wrote the song two of you at the age of 15 after breaking up with my first boyfriend who was 4 years older than me, a relationship that was full of love but impossible because of the age difference. I wanted to live in one world where I continue to be with him and a second world without headaches and the heart of illogical love and that’s what I wrote in the song. Although many years have passed (relative to my young age) I manage to find myself every time connecting with him from a different place, and that there is always someone whose reasons I loved him are the same reasons it ended." Kleinstein wrote.

"Two of you" – Words:

I wish I had two worlds
A world that loves a world that ends
In one world I would be happy
In the second, the pain has already passed

Under other circumstances I would have stayed
But all that has already been said
And that’s why I loved him
And that’s why it ended

I wish I had two hearts
A loving heart and an estranged second
The one you are hungry for
And second, not broken

I would ask him to come back
But everything is already burnt and burning
Because all the things I loved about him
They’re all the reasons it’s over

I wish I had two of you
The one with whom I will be happy
And second, I buried my love for him in the dirt

Late at night I ask
But what is left?
The fact that I loved him so much
And the fact that it’s over

I would really call
But I had nothing to say
And that’s why I loved him
And that’s why it ended


Lyrics, music, singing, piano and keyboards: Noam Klinstein.
Musical arrangement and production: Ili Sahar and Noam Klinstein.
Guitar and bass: Ili Sahar.
Drums: Yuval Givon.
Musical consulting: Eyal Katsav.
Mixing and mastering: Eyal Leon Katsav and Roy Avital. Recording of piano and drums on TV Sound Piano
Singing recordings in Eyal Katsav’s studio
Everything else was recorded in the studio of Ili Sahar
Management, production: Tony Berman
PR: Sharon Melin –
Digital distribution: mint disc
Digital Marketing: Creatives Lemur
Cover photo: Tali Shemel

microphone - stage - performance - concert - singer
Illustration. Photography: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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