A winning collaboration: the winner of ‘The Next Star’ and the international DJ in a new single – "OUR LOVE"

The winner of the eighth season of the show ‘The Next Star’, Tamir Greenberg, who amazed Israel and the world with his extraordinary vocal abilities, collaborated with one of the most successful DJs in Israel and the world, Ofer Nissim, in a new and rhythmic song that is expected to touch a wide audience of fans of the genre and can develop into success greatness.

the song "OUR LOVE" Revealed for the first time at the huge Hanukkah party in front of thousands of spectators of Ofer Nissim at Expo Tel Aviv. Musically produced by Ofer Nissim, written by Tamir Greenberg and composed by Ofer Nissim and Tamir Greenberg. The song was arranged by Ofer Nissim, Tamir Greenberg and Assi Tal.

Lyrics Offer Nissim X Tamir Grinberg – Our Love

I won’t forgive you if you don’t
Listen to the music we play on the floor
So don’t try to hide it
don’t try to fight it And
And if you deny it
Then you’re lost

Credits Offer Nissim X Tamir Grinberg – Our Love

Musical production – Ofer Nissim
Words – Tamir Greenberg
Composed by Ofer Nissim, Tamir Greenberg
Arrangements – Assi Tal, Ofer Nissim, Tamir Greenberg
Mixing and mastering – Mr. Black
Single cover photography – Mark Zorf
Cover design and concept art – Yossi Medar
Media management Ofer Nissim – Itzik Atton, Gal Yaari
Artistic direction Tamir Greenberg – Sion Young
Artistic consultation Ofer Nissim – Shirazi Shimon

Live clip:

Video editing – Sam Lovey
Music video director – Itzik Atton
Single cover photography – Mark Zorf
Cover design and concept art – Yossi Medar
Triathlete – Avi Miranda
Production – Bibo Productions, Shirazi Shimon
Lighting – Elad Cohen
Agree – Ruby Sathy
Cameras – Fusion Media
Styling – Itay Bezaleli
Clothing design – Itamar Sharabi
Makeup and hair styling – Shai Ohion

Tamir Greenberg:

Exclusive representation and booking performances: Teddy Productions
Personal management and director of the Teddy Productions Artisans Department: Lee Peretti
Public relations: Ofer Menachem
New Media: Digistage
Digital distribution: D-Music
Upcoming performance: 18.2.23 Pavilion 1 Expo T"A – Special guests: Assaf Amdorski Valery Hamati

Offer Nissim
Offer Nissim. Photo: Hanan Asor
Tamir Greenberg
Tamir Greenberg. Photo: Daniel Kaminsky
Photography: Mark Zoraf, cover design: Yossi Medar

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