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The Israeli company signed an agreement with the Chadian government to reforest the Sahara with the help of Israeli startups

Nearly 17 million people live in Chad today, most of them suffer from conditions of poverty and more than a third of them are defined as being in a state of food insecurity. About 90% of Chad’s poor population engages in agriculture in traditional ways that yield low yields that are not enough to feed the population and provide sufficient income for families. Farmers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climatic changes and instability in rainfall due to the lack of technological solutions and also suffer from serious pollution of water sources as a result of the lack of adequate production conditions.

The project of Hellman-Aldoubi Technologies and the government of Chad includes a number of elements that together will bring about a revolution in the economy and the environment of Chad. At the center of the program is the reduction of the environmental pollution created by the meat industry in the country and the creation of circular agriculture through the use of meat industry residues to produce protein powder and oils for fish farming and aquaculture. Today, the fish farmers are forced to import the food at an expensive cost that accounts for about two thirds of their expenses. Another key component of the program is the forestry project in the Sahara, in which more than one million acacia trees will be planted to produce gum arabic from the tree resin. The project will provide employment both in the planting phase and later in the production of the Arabic rubber, a field in which Chad is already one of the leading global producers.

The large-scale agricultural project will have consequences in many areas: ensuring sufficient nutrition, especially of protein components, for the population of Chad, creating new sources of employment in the planting of forests, in advanced agriculture and providing services to farmers, economic growth, upgrading the working conditions of those engaged in agriculture, including women and young people who currently work in difficult conditions, reducing the pollution of rivers and the Chad Sea, improving soils, introducing safe growing and production methods and reducing the global carbon footprint.

Hellman Aldobi Technologies, the innovation arm of the Hellman Aldobi Group, was founded by D"R. Roni Hellman in order to promote technological projects in the fields of sustainability, climate, and food security. In the company, partners d"R. Zvi Marom, formerly Yu"The Hi-Tech Association, the entrepreneur Yanki Margalit and other investors. The company is in the process of recruiting partners for the managing company Hellman-Aldobi Technologies through the Peoplebiz platform.

Roni Hellman: "We intend to recruit international parties for assistance and involvement in the project and integrate Israeli start-up companies in its implementation. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, recently announced the Green Belt Project in the Sahara Desert in Africa, which extends over 11 countries in North and Central Africa from the shores of the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, and even raised an amount of 19 billion dollars for its budget with a promise of continued funding for the future. Many organizations have an interest in promoting the population of Africa and companies are committed to working to balance carbon emissions, partly through investing in green projects and purchasing carbon rights. The full implementation of our plans will result in absorbing 1.5% of global carbon emissions over 100 years and reducing the rate of sea level rise by 15%."

Sahara desert
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