A light plane crashed in the United States: one of the passengers managed to send a message and say goodbye

A tragedy in the USA. Two Jewish residents of Cleveland, well known in the city’s Jewish community, were killed (Friday) in a light plane crash. The ZAKA team together with the organization ‘Matishakim’ are working to rescue them under heavy rain and fog. One of the two managed to announce that the plane would crash and that they were crashing. “I love the children. Call the community to read psalms,” he announced.

US ZAKA commander Yanki Landa, who is at the scene, together with ZAKA Lachish Commander Yossi Landa: “We received a report of a plane that crashed about 150 meters before Douchester Airport, the plane fell between the trees. We arrived at the scene from Brooklyn, the ZAKA team together with ‘handlers’ to search for the bodies of the dead. We operate in difficult field conditions, and in stormy weather, strong winds, rain and heavy fog, together with the MZP personnel who are here, we rescue the bodies from the disaster site. The families of the victims who are part of the Jewish community in Cleveland received the difficult news, they arrived at the scene of the disaster to closely monitor the recovery of the bodies, and they were brought to burial even before Shabbat. This is a serious disaster for the Cleveland community in particular, the dead are very well known in the community, they are people of charity and kindness.”

The United States police and the local aviation administration are investigating the circumstances of the disaster. Currently, as mentioned, this is a technical fault in the plane’s engine. The pilot managed to notify air traffic control.

light plane
Illustration. Photo: Live flash news

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