Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky delivered the 5,000th Blackhawk helicopter

Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky recently delivered the 5,000th Blackhawk helicopter ever produced, reaching a significant milestone in the world of aviation. The 5000th UH-60M helicopter was delivered to the US Army. Soon, Sikorsky will celebrate 100 years of activity, with Blackhawk helicopters being a large part of its activity over the years.

“Sikorsky leads the world of military helicopters, thanks in large part to the Blackhawk helicopters,” said Paul Lemo, Sikorsky’s president. “All Blackhawk models bring unprecedented reliability, safety and capabilities to their operators on the battlefield and in training, and demonstrate every day anew their diverse operating options in performing missions around the world.”

Many customers around the world, including the State of Israel, operate the Blackhawk helicopters, in a variety of models. The new models that are currently being delivered to customers around the world include the UH-60M for transporting fighters, cargo and other missions, the MH-60R/S for maritime operations, the multi-mission MH-60T, the HH-60W for rescue and rescue missions as well as the S- 70 FireHawk for aerial firefighting missions.

Sikorsky’s experienced teams manufacture the Blackhawk helicopters in Stratford, Connecticut, USA, as well as in the PZL Mielec factories in Poland – for some of the international customers, in accordance with the growing demand for Blackhawk helicopters. Over 35 international customers currently operate the helicopters, with the US Army being the largest operator of Blackhawk helicopters in the world.

Blackhawk helicopters will remain the main component of the US Army for tactical operations, thanks to upgrade and modernization activities that will increase the helicopters’ capabilities, reliability and safety, at the same time as lowering production and operating costs: modular software systems that will allow upgrades and integration with other systems; Upgraded turbine engines that will allow for increased weight carrying capacity and flight range; Flight control systems that will allow flying in low visibility conditions as well as new analytics tools that will reduce maintenance times and costs and thus increase the availability of the helicopter fleet.

Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky and DARPA, the military’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, last year demonstrated to the US military a fully autonomous Blackhawk helicopter rescue and logistics flight, with no crew on board the helicopter. The flights fully demonstrated the performance of rescue and rescue missions, as well as the carrying of internal and external cargo in the Blackhawk helicopter, in a fully autonomous manner, efficiently and safely.

The flights, which took place as part of the US Army’s Project Convergence 2022 exercise in Yuma, Arizona, began with a manned flight on the helicopter by a full crew. After landing, the pilots activated the Matrix system into fully autonomous flight mode, using the flight computer. As the pilots left the helicopter, the helicopter completed the following tasks, as part of the pre-defined experiment, in different descriptions.

Photo: Lockheed Martin

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