A call to the public to return dried fruit products from the Patzohiya brand

The manufacturer from Yohannoff and Sons (1988) Ltd. published a short time ago (Monday) a call to the public for the return of pre-packaged dried fruit products – dried apricots, candied pineapple, figs, from the ‘Hapitzohia’ brand. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, an inspection conducted by the Food Service of the North Health Bureau revealed that in pre-packaged dried fruit products, it was found that there was a lack of information in the ingredients and allergens about the presence of sulfite.

Name of the products: pre-packaged dried fruits – dried apricots, candied pineapple, figs, from the ‘Hafitzuhia’ brand. Contents: All contents are packed in packages of 250 grams, 300 grams and 400 grams. Expiration date: from all expiration dates up to and including 22.04.23

Consumers who are sensitive to sulfite and other allergens indicated on the labels are asked not to consume the product. The manufacturer M.Yohannoff and Sons (1988) Ltd. collects the products from the marketing channels. The recall is in coordination with the food service at the Ministry of Health.

Recalled product
Photo: Courtesy of the manufacturer

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