A stormy discussion in the Economic Committee: “We generate the money for you in good times, in bad times you are never our partners”

The Chairman of the Knesset’s Economy Committee, MK David Bitan, announced this morning (Monday) that he will form a team led by MK Shalom Danino, together with Knesset members Eli Dellal, Danny Iloz and Ron Katz, and members of the Knesset Naama Lazimi and Iman Khativ Yassin . The team will examine the problems of small and medium businesses within a month and submit conclusions to the Economic Committee

Chairman Bitan said these things at the discussion of the Knesset’s Economic Committee, to examine the problems and difficulties faced by the owners of small and medium-sized businesses in the post-Corona period. During the discussion, Chairman Bitan said to the representative of the Histadrut: “I have not heard that the state is being shut down because of small businesses only because of employees.” Chairman of the committee Bitan added: “Convey the message to the chairman of the Histadrut that the small businesses have more workers than the big businesses and therefore take care of these workers and businesses.”

Economic Committee - David Bitan
Photo: Noam Moshkovich, spokeswoman of the Knesset

In response, Rami Beja, chairman of the Histadrut Freelancers’ Forum, said: “This is exactly why we established the freelancer sector in the Histadrut House, until today they were completely eclectic, scattered, no one takes care of them and here we are in the situation after the Corona, after the sea recedes, you see Who swims naked.”

Rami Beja added: “You will help us in front of the officials who sit on this side of the table when they sit on this side, look at me everyone who talks about loans, loans today on credit and at the existing interest rate is a weight on the leg. A business and certainly a freelancer cannot meet the expenses of the business, first of all basic social rights must be given to the freelancer who at the end of the month instead of a slip he submits an invoice, with that do you expect him to cover every household in the economy? Can anyone live with that amount? The same freelancer or self-employed person is exposed to a time of crisis, and there is no shortage of crises, this is the only sector that is not taken care of, it only has debts without rights, this injustice that is not related to the government has been going on for about 75 years.”

Economic Committee - David Bitan
Photo: Noam Moshkovich, spokeswoman of the Knesset

“The self-employed is an amorphous, untreated factor, and when the members from the Treasury say it’s public money, no, it’s not public money, it’s taxpayers’ money. We make the money for you in good times, in bad times you are never our partner. The time has come for two things: a routine social safety net, a second time an emergency safety net where in case of need I don’t have to go out and shout about a protest, to say that the self-employed should also receive a subsistence allowance, not a decrease in cycles and not a decrease in grants. I tell you I expect all the members of the house to really handle it. what is happening to you Why are you elected every term, the officials explain to you why you don’t take care once and for all?” added

Photo: Knesset Spokesperson

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