Joint message: The IDF’s “Basalt Oaks” exercise with the US Army’s Central Command

Exercise “Juniper Oak” began today (Monday) together with the Central Command of the US Army. The exercise will test joint Israeli-American readiness and improve the operational relationship between the two armies.

The exercise will simulate attacking targets and practice complex outlines in combination with joint communication, command and control systems. The missile ships and a submarine of the naval arm will perform a joint naval maneuver, together with an American aircraft carrier. In addition, refueling of Sa’ar 5 missile ships will be carried out in the middle of the sea, by an American tanker, to expand the ranges and areas of operation of the IDF in routine and emergency situations.

The drill symbol. Courtesy of the IDF spokesman

During the exercise, the Israeli and American air, sea and land forces will fire at targets simulating maritime threats. The Israeli and American air forces will practice various types of combat aircraft, transport aircraft, rescue and rescue helicopters, as well as UAVs, reconnaissance aircraft and heavy American bombers and will even drop live weapons in the south of the country. In addition, the Israeli refueling planes of the “Ram” type and the future refueling planes of the IDF, heavy American KC46 type refuelers, will participate in the exercise, which will refuel the fighter planes and bombers together.

The ground forces will hold a joint exercise that will include maneuvering and firing dozens of rockets, during which long-range rockets will be launched from the American HIMARS system and from Israeli launchers. The exercise will be visited by senior commanders from the Central Command of the US Army. This is another layer that strengthens the multi-faceted and international methods of action between the armies, to deal with a variety of threats in the region. Vigorous movement of the security forces will be felt throughout the country and echoes of explosions will be heard in the southern region.

Remtech"To Aviv Kochavi - US Army"B - Visit - Washington
archives. Photo: IDF spokesman

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