The thousands of winners of the fourth lottery in the ‘apartment at a discount’ will receive the winning notification today

During the past week, the Ministry of Construction and Housing held 57 lotteries in projects spread out in 13 localities across the country. About 90,000 eligible people registered for the fourth lottery in the “discount apartment” program. The results of the lotteries will be delivered today (Monday) and during the next few days to all registrants by text message and e-mail. A separate message will be sent for each lottery to which a person is registered. It will also be possible to see the results in the personal area of ​​the website, including the location of the person registered in the waiting queue, when the personal area of ​​the website will be updated with the winning data in the coming days.

Yitzhak Goldknopf, Minister of Construction and Housing: “I am excited and happy for the approximately 6,500 families and young couples who were given the opportunity to purchase a roof at a significant discount. I am well aware of the fact that there are many more who are waiting for the possibility of affordable housing and these days the professionals under my guidance are working around the clock to act and formulate a plan that will promote this. I see a duty and responsibility towards the citizens of Israel, towards discharged soldiers, towards widows and families blessed with children, who will be able to live under a stable roof and I will work in every way for them.’

Yehuda Morgenstern, CEO of the Ministry of Construction and Housing: “I will start by congratulating the winners, who join thousands of other families who won in the last year. The Ministry of Construction and Housing continues to work and formulate a plan to provide solutions to the housing crisis while pooling resources with our partners in order to provide an adequate and appropriate response to the young couples and families entitled to affordable housing in Israel.’

Yaakov Quint, CEO of the Israel Land Authority: “Congratulations to the thousands of families who will receive the news today about winning the fourth round of raffles for an apartment at a discount. The authority will continue to work to find diverse housing solutions in accordance with government policy, especially for those who do not yet own an apartment, and to allocate land for the benefit of all the needs of the economy.’

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