A dog infected with rabies was located in Kibbutz Gesher in Emek Ma’ainat

Today (Monday), a notification was received about a rabies-infected jackal located in Kibbutz Gesher in the Emek Ma’a’ain regional council, and as of this moment, no people are known to have been exposed to the jackal.

The Ministry of Health asks anyone who was in contact or whose animals came into contact with the infected animal or a stray animal in this area, between the dates 8/1/2023 to 22/1/2023 inclusive, to contact the Afula Health Office urgently, phone 04-6099000, or to the health bureau closest to his place of residence, in order to consider the need for preventive care.

The Ministry of Health stated: “After working hours and during the weekend, you should go to a hospital emergency room. We would like to pass on the information about the event to travelers and vacationers in the area and nearby towns. Parents of children are asked to find out with their children if they have been in contact with suspicious animals and contact the health bureau urgently.”

“Pet owners are requested to contact the authorized veterinarian, for the purpose of verifying their vaccination status. The Ministry of Health once again reminds those who have been bitten or scratched by an animal to immediately wash the area with running water and soap, disinfect with disinfectants and go to the health bureau to check if it is necessary to receive preventive treatment against rabies.”

Jack - rabies
Illustration. Image by Jürgen Bierlein from Pixabay

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