Despite Netanyahu’s decision: the court ordered the drivers of the Prime Minister’s convoy to be reinstated

The Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem issued a temporary order today (Tuesday), in accordance with the consent of the state, ordering the reinstatement of three drivers, who are serving as prosecution witnesses in the Prime Minister’s trial, to work in the Prime Minister’s motorcade.

As mentioned, the state agreed to the issuance of the order, because the Prime Minister’s Office has not yet forwarded an application to the Deputy Legal Adviser to the Government, regarding the change of the position of the three, and this is in accordance with the mechanism established in the Prime Minister’s conflict of interest settlement, whose instructions also apply to the Chief of Staff and the Director General of the Ministry. The court also recorded before it the state’s notice that it maintains its right to express its position on the substance of the matter, and to return to the court as soon as such an application is submitted on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office.

In a notice submitted by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office (Civil), it was stated that the Deputy Ombudsman, Dr. Gil Lemon, addressed the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office with a request to cancel any instruction received in relation to changing the role, position or status of the drivers in the Prime Minister’s Office, contrary to the established restrictions In the settlement of the Prime Minister’s conflict of interest, as mentioned also applies to the Chief of Staff and the Director General of the Ministry, and this is due to the fact that the drivers are witnesses in the Prime Minister’s trial.

Despite this, the drivers have not been assigned to their jobs and so far no request has been forwarded from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the change of the drivers’ employment, as required by the conflict of interest settlement. Such a request will first be examined in terms of the settlement of the conflict of interest, and as long as the request is answered in the affirmative, it will be examined in accordance with the rules of labor law.

Illustration. Photo: Shin Bet Communications

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