“During my stay in Israel I visited the Ihud Hatzla organization – I intend to implement this model”

Last year a delegation of American diplomats came to visit Israel, one of the places they visited was the Ihud Hatzla organization. They heard a comprehensive review of the extensive activities of the organization by Eli Bir, president of the Rescue Union, and were very impressed.

Among the members of the delegation were Iowa State Governor Mr. Kim Reynolds and his deputy Mr. Adam Gregg who was sworn in for a second term last week. In his inauguration speech, the deputy governor told about their visit to Jerusalem and their impression of Ihud Hatzla’s activities: “Learn about this unique model of saving lives during our visit to the organization’s headquarters in Jerusalem. Think of it as an Uber, but one that saves lives,” says Greg. “When an emergency occurs, the center mobilizes trained volunteers who come from the community and live nearby. They receive an alert through a smart application installed on their phone, they react quickly and stabilize the patient’s condition until an ambulance arrives.”

The deputy governor told those present that they decided to fund a pilot throughout the state of Iowa, through which they will adapt their system similar to the activity of the rescue union to address the lack of ambulance services in rural Iowa in particular and throughout the state in general.

Rescue Union - Beit Shemesh
archives. Photo: Ihud Hastla Beit Shemesh branch

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