Final approval: The validity of emergency regulations in Judea and Samaria will be extended by five years

The Knesset plenum approved a short time ago (Tuesday) in second and third reading, the bill to extend the validity of the emergency regulations (Judea and Samaria – Judging of crimes and legal aid), TPFG-2023. In the third reading, 39 Knesset members supported the proposal against 12 who opposed it

It is proposed to extend the validity of the regulations for another five years. The arrangements contained in the regulations mainly concern the jurisdictional powers of the Israeli courts against Israelis who have committed offenses in the Judea and Samaria region or in the territories of the Palestinian Authority, the powers of the Israeli authorities to carry out in Israel punishments and arrests imposed by the military authorities in the region, as well as the possibility of carrying out in the region orders and punishments imposed in Israel on the resident of the region.

The regulations personally apply Israeli laws to Israelis living in the area, and they are intended to regulate the entirety of the provision of legal aid between Israel and the authorized bodies of the Palestinian Authority.

On Sunday Tammuz 2022, June 30, 2022, the twenty-fourth Knesset Dispersal and Party Financing Law, 2022, was passed. Therefore, in accordance with the provision of Section 38 of the Basic Law: The Knesset, the validity of the regulations was extended until the end of the three months of the term of office of the incoming Knesset, that is, until the 24th day of the Shebat HaSphag, February 15, 2023.

Observance of the regulations is essential for the continuation of the legal relations between Israel and the region and the Palestinian Authority, and therefore it is proposed to extend their validity for another five years, until the 18th day of the Shebat HaShevat, February 15, 2028.

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Noam Moshkowitz

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