For fear of a break-in: the policemen took keys from the guard and entered the apartment with guns drawn

Patrol forces of the Tel Aviv Police Station were called on 1/13/23 around 2:40 a.m. to an apartment on the 32nd floor of a residential building on Nissim Aloni Street in Tel Aviv, upon receiving a report at Moked 100 regarding suspected burglars inside the house.

The police found the apartment locked, and when no one opened the door, they took keys from the guard in the lobby and entered the place with guns drawn. During the searches inside the house, a suspect was arrested, and during an inspection of the utility room, two more suspects were discovered along with the 43-year-old owner of the apartment.

Initially, the suspects tried to claim to the police that they were the victim’s friends, however, after a brief investigation by the rangers at the scene, it became clear that it was a violent robbery, during which the three took money, jewelry that was on the victim, and a valuable watch from the victim. According to the suspicion, the three led the victim handcuffed to a room in the house, demanded that he open the safe, while attacking him in order to extract the opening code from his mouth.

The police found in the house a gun that was supposed to look real, stun guns, handcuffs and a Japanese knife. The three, Guy Ben Shimon, 36, a resident of Rasht, Yaakov Abuhchira, 37, and Yosef Abuhchira, 30, residents of Lod, were taken for questioning, during which it emerged that they arrived at the scene in a vehicle with different license plates that did not match the type of vehicle.

The detention of the three was extended from time to time at the Peace Court in Tel Aviv and this week a prosecutor’s statement was submitted in their case regarding the intention to file an indictment against them tomorrow and a request for detention until the end of the proceedings.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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