From an autonomous tractor to cauliflower varieties: Seed companies and Agrotech will present their developments and innovations

New varieties and developments, and advanced equipment – will be presented for the first time at the largest agricultural exhibition in Israel, which will be held on February 1-2, 2023, in the Middle and Northern Arava R&D-Tamar, in the booths of 200 companies from Israel and the world, in the fields of agriculture, gardening, transportation, environmental quality, solar energy , and more. Also, this year will be held as part of the exhibition ‘The First Arava Conference for Innovation in Agriculture’ and the Outstanding Startup Competition.

The company ‘Gedera-Syngenta Seeds’ – celebrating its 70th anniversary, one of the leading companies in the vegetable seed industry in the world, which invests over 100 million dollars a year in research and development in the field of vegetables and seeds – will launch, as part of the agricultural exhibition in Arava, the new ISTEM variety of ‘cauliflower mini’ originating in England , and has already won the ‘innovative product’ award as part of the ‘Fruit Logistics’ exhibition in Berlin 2022 – the weight of the ‘mini cauliflower’ is only 80 grams, it is easily picked as a whole bouquet containing between 9-10 types of cauliflower, when each one is wrapped in leaves, and you can immediately eat all The parts of the bouquet – the cauliflower, the leaves and the stem as they are, in their entirety directly from the field, without the need for cooking or seasoning. This will also reduce food waste. This is different from the big and familiar cauliflowers, which have to be separated from the leaves and cleaned. The ‘mini cauliflower’ is particularly tasty and rich in nutty, crunchy flavors, rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C. The stem and leaves are thick and crunchy, and can be combined in healthy and fresh salads or in the preparation of stuffed animals and other dishes.

The new ‘mini cauliflower’ began to be grown in the ecological farm ‘Carmelim’ in the growing areas in the Megiddo area, over only about 10 dunams in the first phase, when from each dunam about 1,500 kilos of ‘mini cauliflower’ are harvested, which can already be seen in selected jades, And in the future, the cultivation areas will be expanded.

Photo: Gedera Syngenta seeds

You will also present ‘Gedera-Singenta seeds’ – new curly lettuce varieties – ‘Rubaggio’ – crunchy red-colored lettuce and ‘Kanaggio’ green-colored lettuce, rich in flavor and vitamins and colorful additions to the salad.

The company Bayer AB Zeraim will launch at the agricultural exhibition in Arava, an innovative development of watermelon ‘Rocket’ – a new variety developed over 8 years, which excels in sweetness at a higher than average level and is picked about a month before the start of the watermelon picking season in Israel, and will be on the shelf as early as the beginning of May.

Oded Ronen, representative of the northern region and a specialist in growing watermelon, cucumber and industrial crops, ‘AB Seeds’: “The variety was developed for about eight years, when most of the cultivation was devoted to ensuring a sweet taste, which will be much higher than the average Brix index, which is the index of sugar concentration and sweetness in fruits and vegetables, wines, and more. To our delight, there was success in the development of the sweet variety that reached extremely high Brix values ​​of 12.3- and even 13, when the average Brix index of a watermelon is 8-9”.

Photo: Bayer

Benzi Carmona, director of vegetable market development at ‘Bayer Israel’: “The months of April and May are considered scarce in terms of fruit supply. Watermelon ‘Rocket’ is developed so that it ripens earlier than average, it can be collected immediately with the first ripening already in May, and its taste is sweet, in contrast to the fruits whose taste is not outstanding at the beginning of the season. Rocket watermelon will open the spring season already in May, and will complete the months when there is no wide supply of fruit in the market.”

The ‘HaZare’ company, a world pioneer in the seed industry, is launching its generation – a date tomato for picking in the cluster! And a series of new tomato varieties, colored radishes and ‘Purple Heart’ lettuce:

Doria: the next generation of the Israeli tomato – a new variety of tomato from the ‘date’ family that brings with it the first tomato that is harvested in a cluster and not individually, tasty, healthy, firm, long shelf life, excellent preservation on the plant and bright red and attractive fruit.

The launch of the first yellow Midi Plum tomato of its kind ‘Whitney’ yellow: extremely tasty, yellow and impressive fruit, firm and crunchy with a high yield and a strong plant.

The Maggi flavor tomato celebrates a decade and is renewed: Maggi is known as a high-quality Israeli tomato, with a juicy green gel, which gives it a fine taste and a rich aroma. The Maggi variety is grown throughout the year nationwide in Israel among selected farmers and is packaged in closed and marked packaging, with a new branding in honor of Maggi’s decade celebrations.

New varieties of radishes: ‘Vitella’ in white color and ‘Parfla’ in purple color: round radishes for growing in open and closed areas, with impressive and strong colors, suitable for growing all year round with a high yield and excellent internal quality.

Red romaine lettuce ‘Purple Heart’: especially crunchy and tasty lettuce with a bright red color that penetrates deep into the leaf.

Photo: The seed

New Zucchini, Lettuce and Pepper from the company ‘Afel Agri’ – a leader for over 45 years in the field of agriculture in Israel, in Aklum, development, production and marketing of vegetable seeds, in international cooperation with the Dutch company Enza Zaden.

Zucchini “Mathis” – of the zucchini type with strong growth, an upright and open plant, high yield, and with a juicy fruit, dark green and shiny.

Lettuce “Crispiano” – dark green crispy lettuce, suitable for growing in a hydroponic interface and in the ground, in the open field, throughout the year.

‘Schubert’ pepper – a new red pepper resistant to the changing weather conditions in Israel, mainly resistant to cracking and heat damage. The pepper has a thick wall, and rich flavors and is suitable for filling and Middle Eastern cooking.

The company ‘Soli Industries’ will launch two innovative developments of tomato varieties: the ‘Goli’ cherry tomato – a tomato with a particularly rich and firm taste and the ‘Yulia’ cluster tomato – with a bold red color, excellent firmness and a delicate taste.

At the exhibition, the innovative TTV9340 autonomous tractor that operates alone in the field with maximum precision, of the Deutsch company from Germany, which imports the Carso Motors agricultural equipment and machinery company, will be presented for the first time.

Photo: Deutz

The Solargic company will present the latest “trackers” for moving solar panels that follow the sun in a smart and economical way, and produce between 15%-25% more electricity than a static system. ‘Solargic’ manufactures solar trackers for the photovoltaic (PV) worlds and sophisticated control and management systems. At the exhibition there will also be a farmers’ market – for direct sale, food complexes and more.

Photo: Solargic Ltd

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