Good time: Knesset Speaker Ohana announced the establishment of the Ethics Committee

The Speaker of the Knesset, Amir Ohana, announced this evening (Tuesday) that he will establish the Ethics Committee in the Knesset tomorrow, in accordance with his authority according to the Law on the Immunity of Members of the Knesset, Their Rights and Duties, 571-1951.

The members of the committee, who agreed to Ohana’s proposal to serve on it, are:

– MK Yanon Azoulai (SHS) who will serve as chairman of the committee
– MK Amit Halevi (Likud)
– MK Panina Tamno-Sheta (state camp)
– MK Meir Cohen (Yesh Atid)

From the words of Knesset Speaker Ohana: “The Ethics Committee is a central pillar in the normal and ongoing activities of the Knesset. I thank the Knesset members from both the opposition and the coalition who agreed to take on the role. I see the committee’s work as very important to help bring to the Mishkan – and hopefully also out to the public – proper conduct and respectful dialogue between each other. I invite the members of the Knesset to assist the committee with any question they need, and on this occasion I would like to wish the members of the committee great success in fulfilling their duties.”

Amir Ohana
Photo: Dani Shem Tov, spokeswoman for the Knesset

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