“I wanted my mother at the wedding”: Eli married his heart’s choice in the psychiatric ward at the hospital

An exciting event took place in the 6th intensive care unit at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem: the wedding of Eli Rabin and the choice of his heart Shlomit, next to the bed of the unconscious mother, who has been hospitalized in the ward for about two and a half years.

“I made a dream come true,” the son tells Eli. “I wanted to make her happy. I didn’t want to get married somewhere else where she was missing. I wanted my mother at the wedding, which is natural. I think the wedding made her very happy. In my feeling, she woke up and smiled, and even wanted to clap her hands. I am the son of the elders. I have reached a relatively old age (almost 50), and I have not married until today. All these years she wanted me to get married. prayed for it. She hoped it would happen in her lifetime.”

Eli is the youngest of the 4 children of the Rabin family from Holon. A repentant family. Engages in alternative medicine and security, while his newlywed wife, Shlomit, approaches religion and takes care of the elderly.
Mother Foran Rabin is hospitalized unconscious and being ventilated in one of the largest respiratory units in the world, at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

According to Dr. Kobi Habib, the director of the hospital: “There was an unusual request from the family, to hold a modest chuppah ceremony and a mitzvah meal (with up to 25 participants), in Munshem. It’s not every day that we have such an exciting event in the wing. A ceremony was planned as usual, with a ketubah, chuppa and dedications, led by the rabbi of the hospital, Rabbi Nathaniel Elbaz. The ceremony was held at noon at 2:00 p.m.

Eli sums up: “Shlomit and I have known each other since we were 16. She got married at a young age and divorced. We have been in touch all these years. When we decided to get married, I told Shlomit that I wanted to hold the wedding next to my mother. She understood my desire. Even though she is not conscious, the communication with mother is special. When I speak, she opens her eyes. I’m sure she recognizes me, because sometimes she blinks her eyes and makes facial signs. At the wedding, I wrapped myself in a tallit and four men carried it at its four ends. I’m convinced that mom was excited with me.”

One of the largest soul centers in the world

The respiratory department at the Herzog Medical Center includes 10 respiratory departments for prolonged ventilation and respiratory rehabilitation, and is the largest, most comprehensive and has the most extensive experience in the field of prolonged ventilation in Israel, and one of the most prominent in the entire world.

The wing was opened in 1988 as a chronic respiratory unit for adults. 16 years later, in 2004, a separate pediatric resuscitation department was also opened. In fact, the department provides treatment for the entire range of patients, and deals with all the needs of prolonged ventilation.

Currently, about 230 patients – children, adolescents and adults – who need respiratory support and multidisciplinary treatment are hospitalized in the long-term ventilation unit in Herzog. These patients represent a cross-section of etiologies: from acute events (such as anoxic brain damage), to diseases that progress slowly (such as ALS). Each and every patient has a unique treatment and different medical needs.

Due to the medical complexity and the many sensitivities, the patients and their families are surrounded by a multidisciplinary and comprehensive team, which includes: geriatric doctors and nurses, social workers, spiritual supporters and other paramedical professionals, whose role is to help meet various and varied needs. The leading tasks of the medical teams are: providing quality – to the patients’ lives and improvement, along with support and accompaniment of their families.

Photo: Herzog PR
Photo: Herzog PR
Photo: Herzog PR

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