“The State of Israel cannot afford to remain stuck in traffic jams for another thirty years”

The former Minister of Transportation and Chairman of the Labor Party, Merav Michaeli, today (Tuesday) found a new target for her anger, the current Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev. Michaeli does not miss an opportunity to attack the new government and its members and today the former minister criticized the metro law.

According to her: “After members of this government did everything to thwart the metro last year and all because of poor political considerations, they suddenly remembered that this is the most important infrastructure project in the country. And make no mistake, the poor political considerations remained. They will try to drag their friends along the way, introduce their sloppy management methods into this system and try to turn this important project into a political tool in the hands of the government. The Ministry of Transportation under my leadership promoted the metro to a significant and considerable extent and it was planned and designed for the dimensions of the tremendous transportation crisis that Israel is in. This government must not destroy it either.”

She added: “The government must not make the metro a hostage of sectoral and discriminatory policies. And yes, this includes making sure that its construction is done every day of the week, even on Shabbat. Otherwise, the ten years allotted for the project will slowly turn into thirty years.”

In conclusion, she said: “The State of Israel cannot afford to remain stuck in traffic jams for another thirty years, at all political extortion. It’s good that the metro continues despite the sticks on wheels that the new transport minister tried to introduce and it’s good that the train left the station and continues its journey. Now, all that remains is that you do not spoil, destroy and destroy this strategic project as well. In the last decade you have done enough damage to Israeli transport. It’s time to fix it.”

archives. Photo: Dani Shem-Tov, spokeswoman for the Knesset

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