The attack in Neve Ya’akov: the police are angry at the publication of the policemen’s arrival times – "This is false information"

The police referred a short time ago (Sunday) to publications at the end of last week and this morning in the various media and on social networks, incorrect information about the arrival times of the police forces at the scene of the attack yesterday evening in Neve Ya’akov.

The police said that "This is false information intended to mislead the public. Regardless of the results of the serious attack, instead of pointing out to praise the police officers for their quick performance and bravely striving to make contact under fire – there are those who choose to attack them. As we reported immediately after the attack, the terrorist was neutralized by the Jerusalem district police within about 5 minutes after the first report received at the police center about the attack. Contrary to erroneous publications, the police officers who neutralized the terrorist did not “came across him by chance”, but rather received a report regarding the details of the vehicle in which he fled and after spotting him on their way to the scene of the attack, they conducted a determined chase after him while striving to make contact, and neutralized him after an exchange of fire."

The complete and exact breakdown of times according to the police:

20:13 The beginning of the attack in Neve Yaakov
20:14 First report to the police center followed by other reports
20:19 The police identified the terrorist fleeing in a vehicle and chased him with an exchange of fire until he was neutralized.

Mag warriors"B - the scene of an incident - an attack
archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

The police also said: "We should note that at that time the police officers working the same shift in the different sectors were in the field and not at the police station located about 500 meters from the site of the attack, when some of them were handling a disturbance in Beit Hanina. Moreover, the location of the station is not relevant given the fact that the police officers are deployed in the area and handle the various incidents and do not sit in the station, and this was also the case last Friday night. We will also note that the arrival of the first forces as mentioned is in accordance with what is expected of every police officer in the first stage and that is – the neutralization of the armed terrorist who fled the scene of the attack in a vehicle and the end of the danger he posed to human life as a result of escapes. "

"As mentioned, the terrorist was neutralized by Jerusalem district police officers and a police volunteer a few hundred meters from the scene of the attack, police officers who courageously attempted to contact the terrorist while he was on the run, within only about 5 minutes of receiving the first report to the police center about the attack, and after a chase and shootout with him. In doing so, the police officers prevented further injury to innocents and the escape of the terrorist. "

One of the police officers who neutralized the terrorist, Sergeant G, a patrol officer at the Sheft station of the Jerusalem district, reconciled with his friends shortly after the attack: “We dealt with a disturbance in Beit Hanina. While dealing with the violation of the order, a report was received about an attack in Neve Ya’akov. As soon as the report was received, we reduced all forces to the scene. When we approached the area of ​​the attack, we noticed the attacker’s vehicle fleeing the scene. We started chasing the terrorist, returned fire in his direction and the vehicle stopped. The terrorist got off it and started shooting in our direction. At this stage we unloaded the car, rowed into contact and neutralized it, thus preventing another killing of innocents.’

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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