The police sealed off the terrorist’s house: "Make it clear to terrorism that there is a new government"

After the discussion in the Cabinet tonight (Sunday), the Cabinet decided to accept the proposal of Minister Itamar Ben Gabir, and to immediately seal the home of the terrorist who murdered seven Jews in the attack in Neve Ya’akov. Police forces of the Jerusalem district, MGB and IDF fighters, operated in the A-Tor area in East Jerusalem to seal off the home of the terrorist Alkam Khairi, who carried out the attack, in which seven people were murdered and others injured.

As I recall, the terrorist was neutralized by the Jerusalem district police who chased him, tried to make contact and had a shootout with him. The terrorist’s house was seized on the night of the attack by police and security forces who evacuated its occupants and arrested the terrorist’s relatives and family members.

Tonight, the sealing of all the openings of the house was carried out after receiving the required approvals and at the instruction of the political level. The operational activity ended early in the morning without exceptions, and the terrorist’s house was evacuated and sealed.

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir: "It’s good that my offer to seal was accepted and soon we will seal the entire house and the speed of the response which was not there in the previous government is important. At the same time, we will have to implement another variety of response measures to make it clear to terrorism that there is a new government in Jerusalem and that Israel is going on the attack and not just defending itself".

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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