"You have to kill them": Detained for questioning after speaking out against the prime minister and his family members

The Petah Tikva police officers started an investigation today (Saturday), upon receiving a report of a video on the Internet, in which a person was recorded speaking, among other things, towards the Prime Minister in a manner that constitutes a suspicion of the offense of threats.

The station’s investigators carried out a variety of operations to locate the suspect, a 70-year-old resident of Sharon, and in accordance with the suspicions he was detained for questioning at the police station, to examine the background and circumstances, at the end of which he was released to house arrest under restrictive conditions.

In the video, the suspect is heard saying: "I’m waiting for blood to spill. I want blood to be spilled. I wish they would throw grenades, I wish there would be a mess, I wish they would kill someone, that’s the only way they understand. There is a stupid Bibi whose name is important to him is his ass and his wife Sara and his retarded child. You have to kill them."

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