Mabezeq Live news in cooperation with the Leta-Operation organization" to give on Passover" 2023

s a l e"to give on Passover"2023 is an operation to collect holiday meals for the elderly and needy families which takes place before the holiday.

According to data from Do"According to the alternative poverty 2022 of Leta organization, about 2.6 million people in Israel live in poverty, among them are more than a million children, about 680,000 families live in food insecurity and about 600,000 children live in severe food insecurity.

Every year, the organization to give comes out with a campaign for Passover, in order to mobilize public support and increase social awareness, thereby helping those millions of people who are in dire straits.

The public is invited to donate holiday meals through a giving organization, to take part in this important activity, thereby strengthening solidarity and mutual guarantee in Israeli society.

Do a good deed and donate with a big heart – Click here to donate

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