A crazy night: a wave of murders in a few hours – watch the documentation of the massacre in Holon

A 40-year-old man was found tonight (Thursday) shot in the head on Naomi Shemer Street in Holon. Medics and paramedics of Med"A who were called to the scene had to determine his death. Paramedic Med"Yossi Rosenthal, who arrived at the scene, said: "We saw on the sidewalk a man in his forties lying unconscious, without breathing and without a pulse, with penetrating injuries, he had no signs of life and we had no choice but to determine his death."

Photo: Security cameras, use according to Section 27 A of the Copyright Law

In another case that happened a short time apart from him, a woman in her 30s was found lifeless in her home in the Abu Karinat settlement in the Negev with signs of violence on her body. Upon receiving the report about the incident, Aror police arrived at the scene and began investigating the circumstances of the incident, collecting evidence, collecting findings at the scene and searching for suspects. Assessing the situation at the scene of the incident, Deputy Superintendent Nachshon Nagler, commander of the Negev region, decided to entrust the investigation of the incident to the Aror police station. MZP investigators are currently at the scene of the incident and are collecting evidence and findings.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

Another serious incident took place in the city of Elad, where a 26-year-old resident of the city, Moshe Ben Simhon, was shot to death. He was critically injured and was taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva in critical condition during CPR, where the doctors had to pronounce him dead.

The murdered Moshe ben Simhon
The murdered Moshe ben Simhon. Photo: Facebook

This incident joins another shooting incident that happened last night in Kfar Yasif. Foaz Ab Altif was shot and rushed in critical condition to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, where he was pronounced dead. The police started an investigation and searches for suspects in the act.

In another case, a pedestrian, Abdul-Jabbar Shalbaya, about 40 years old, was hit by a vehicle on road 5614 near Kalansawa and was fatally injured. Medics and paramedics of Med"A They gave him medical treatment and evacuated him during resuscitation operations to the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, where the doctors had to pronounce him dead. The police stated that it was suspected to be an accident "Hit and run " And the traffic inspectors who arrived at the scene collected findings and began searching for the driver of the offending vehicle. A short while ago, the suspected driver, a resident of Akka al-Gharbia in his 30s, was arrested by the police. The driver was transferred to the traffic examiner’s unit in the Sharon region, at the end of which, and according to the findings, it will be decided whether to request an extension of his detention tomorrow at the court in Petah Tikva.

The pedestrian, Abdul-Jabbar Shalbaya who was killed in an accident near Kalansawa

Against the background of the events of the murder in the last day, Minister Ben Gabir will hold a special situation assessment with MPAC"to the police and the heads of the relevant departments. Just a week ago, the minister was presented with a new police plan to deal with crime and murder. Also, the minister demanded last week the mobilization of significant forces, this alongside the fact that the minister and the MP are expecting at the end of the month"for the approval of the state budget which will give a record budget to the police and bring the police officers tools to deal with crime.

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