Having trouble passing the test? For matriculation in mathematics – these tips will help you

In preparation for matriculation in mathematics, teachers of the Amal school network have prepared useful tips for the students that will help you pass the test.

before the exam

• Prepare a work plan for the coming days that includes him"G for learning and for"ventilation". In this program, dedicate the evening before the exam to a relaxing time.

• Perform full simulations of an exam: lock yourself in a room for a full exam time, solve a complete exam with a choice of full conditions simulating an exam. No distractions, no phone/internet/GPT chat friend and no peeking at the answers either. what yes Simple calculator and clock "Stupid" as in the exam.

• At the end of the simulation, check your answers and make two lists.
One will investigate your behavior in the exam, which good decisions you made and which ones you didn’t. for example: "I lingered too long in the section…" or "It was true that I started with the question of inquiry". A second list will be the list of your mathematical mistakes, what is the mistake, what is the source of the mistake and how should it be done.

• Read the lists you made as part of your preparation for the exam.

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Preparing to leave:

• Go out in comfortable clothing suitable for prolonged sitting, don’t forget warm clothes for the annoying air conditioner.

• Remember to take: water, calculator, stationery, watch "Stupid" and/or a stopwatch, a quiet snack (if chocolate only for the end and in general, fruit is better instead)

• Don’t forget to turn off mobile phones, remove a smart watch from your hand, lest there be any suspicion of copying.

• Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the exam begins.

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during the exam

• Spend 10-20 minutes at the beginning of the exam to skim through the exam and decide on the questions you will solve and in what order.

• Mark p"C. The form: keywords such as: at least, at most, minimal, maximal and the like

• Mark p"C. The form is numerical data written in Hebrew and not as a number for example "Two hours"

• The questions in the exam are graded so that the last sections are more difficult and more entertaining"As with a lower score – if you don’t succeed, don’t insist. Mark and move on to the next question. If there is time left, return to the completions.

• Leave time at the end of the exam, go through the solutions and delete the questions that are not for testing, the exam is tested according to the order of the questions in the exam notebook.

• Avoid suspicion of accidental copying: write reasons and explanations for your actions, do not write calculations on the side – only in a notebook!!, do not tear pages from the notebook.

test - school - student
Illustration. Image by Freepik

good luck

Teachers of math communities in the Amal network – led by Giora Epstein, Sofia Mendelzburg and Ilanit Harmoni

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