Romanian entrepreneurs fly Israeli investors to buy luxury villas for little money in Romania

Real project"Romney attracts investors from all over the world, among them dozens of Israelis. The entrepreneurs fly Israeli investors, who want to invest overseas, and buy luxury villas for relatively little money. Those who register until the end of May will receive a significant discount as a launch price.

Local brokers estimate that there will be a doubling of value in 3-5 years and report an annual return that approaches 20 percent in the case of renting

The Nachmani family became famous during the nineties in Romania and Belgium thanks to extensive and successful business entrepreneurship. The founders – a Jewish couple, Yitzhak and Daniela Z"L, acquired areas in strategic locations in both countries and knew how to develop real estate projects"significant ones that spread towards commercial, hi-tech and tourism areas.

The home of the Nachmani couple, the Romanian entrepreneur Julia Nachmani, founded her own successful business. For 20 years she became famous for her work as someone who renovated and rented out small palaces throughout Romania.

Julia is a very popular figure in Romania and is considered a celebrity thanks to her involvement in successful film productions, some of which have been expressed in collaborations with the Hollywood industry. She herself was considered a leading singer and actress in Romania in her youth.

Nachmani is a businesswoman who heads a holding group that is also active in the fields of lifestyle and international consumerism throughout Europe.

In recent years, the name of Julia Nachmani also stood out in community contexts, as someone who donates money to vulnerable populations. She even volunteers her precious time for the education of children from underprivileged families.

"Not everything with me is just about business"says one of the most successful women in Romania. "It is important to me to give back to the community and to pay special attention to populations that need support and help. This is the legacy on which my parents raised me and this is how I want to raise my children".

Now, the representative of the second generation in the family business continues to develop the Handel empire"in Romania.

The Romanian entrepreneur lived for several years in Israel and knows well the Israeli mentality and needs. She is busy these days completing one of the most interesting projects in the area, one that has received a lot of exposure on social media.

Nachmani: "The world is going through a big economic storm and people are looking for safe investments with a fair return. The tests we performed revealed that after the corona epidemic subsided, people learned to appreciate nature more and wanted to live close to it. I decided to invest in the establishment of a prestigious residential project with innovative specifications, one that would offer villas in a variety of sizes, adjacent to gardens with an impressive area. 20 minutes from the center of Bucharest and very close to the airport and the huge bathing complex "Terma", a project was created that will allow people to live in luxury villas at a low cost. Here we have combined a safe investment with high return potential alongside living in the center of things, but in a quiet area in the heart of nature."

The talented entrepreneur and owner of the rich resume says that the first thought was to focus on the area – Pipera, which is considered successful and in demand. "The team leading the project did extensive tests, surveys and research for half a year. We discovered that in that area there are two big problems: the density there is great and most of the residents are people from all over the world who came to work in Romania, so there is a huge turnover of tenants".

Nachmani adds: "We started to do an in-depth research of the area we chose: corbeanca, which is very close to the Bucharest airport and the city center. Those who launch in the project will enjoy significant proximity to the largest shopping mall in Romania – shopping city baneasa.

We found that it is a suburb that is an important part of the Bucharest metropolis. We were able to buy a strategic area suitable for the establishment of an exclusive residential neighborhood, within an urban complex. When we started talking to Israeli entrepreneurs who are building in the area, the first thing we heard from them was that there are tens of thousands of Israelis who come every year to the baths complex and the water world of "Terma"which is seven minutes away and contains amazing spa baths that the Europeans also crowd.

We planned an approach that would allow the family to spend a long day at the water park for families and a comfortable and quick return to the apartment".

Julia, I understand that many Israelis purchase apartments to invest in the project. What is special here in terms of yield?

"We are at the beginning of a marketing campaign to the wider world. Dozens of Israelis have already registered with us and expressed their willingness to buy villas in the project. We fly to Bucharest potential investors who are interested in purchasing and who have asked us to organize a Romanian management company that will handle the short or long term rental of the villas for them. We hear from the Israelis that local brokers estimated that the short-term rental of the villas would generate a net return of 20 percent per year. The company appointed to manage the rental project through Air B&B handles everything including cleaning, maintenance, drawing up contracts, collection and more.

Those who choose to rent the villa to tenants for a long term of one year or more, will succeed, according to the forecast, in reaching an annual net return of 7 to 8 percent. In the times we live in today, these are beautiful numbers against the background of the uncertainty that exists all over the world around the capital market, high tech and real estate"in some countries of the world".

According to the entrepreneur, the project sits on an area that spreads over 25,852 thousand m"R. There are currently 46 last villas of 324 m2 left for sale"r, of which 162 m"R is built. These are the small villas in the project and they contain 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and large gardens.

The project also includes 7 villas whose area is double and stands at 648 m"r, of which an area of ​​220 m"R is built. They also have 3 bedrooms and a lower floor where there is an office that can be turned into another bedroom, a luxurious living room, preparation for the kitchen, a closet and more.

In all the villas, a place was left that is suitable for building a swimming pool of different sizes. All the villas sit on the ground and have large gardens of 260-520 m"R."

Nachmani says that significant discounts will be given to those who register until the end of May in the launch price track. She notes that the planning of the villas was done in collaboration with a leading office of architects and interior designers. The entrepreneur will be happy if a customer who buys a villa will adopt the design planned inside the villas. You can buy the furniture offered in the planning.

And the prices? This is probably the biggest story in the business…

Nachmani: "The small villa will cost 289 thousand euros plus 19 percent VAT"M. From an inspection we did, a house like this, in a good area in Israel, cannot be bought for less than a million euros.

The large villa will cost 378,000 thousand euros before VAT"M.

According to senior local appraisers, the value of the apartments will double within 3 to five years. This will happen because of the huge development boom in that area. The local authorities have already announced the establishment of new and luxurious shopping centers, a commercial area and an advanced tourist area.

In a nearby area, apartments are rented out with the help of Air B&B and there are residents who report a 30 percent annual return.

Of course, there is banking support for the transaction when the investors only have to pre-deposit 25 percent of the purchase cost.

We invested in the purchase of the land and in the construction money from our own pocket without any bank financing. We are working quickly and strictly so that the buyers will receive a key in January ’24. We have placed a rich construction specification that is all based on the world’s top raw materials, including importing concrete from the most reliable company in the world of construction. The villas are smart, with solar and photovoltaic panels that allow each resident to produce hot water and electricity according to self-consumption. The savings in usage are huge because you will not have to pay electricity, water and gas bills. Even the heating of the villa is done automatically".

Nachmani says that the municipal plans indicate that 3,000 units will be built instead"D. housing in the next five years.

"Already today we estimate the prices to be 15 percent above what we offer to our audience. The local conversation is about the establishment of the new national park that really touches our project and will contain bicycle paths, jogging paths and fish ponds. All this in a natural and real forest that will greatly enrich the environment".

Nachmani says that the Handel project"The one in question is already under construction and you can even enter it and see the apartments. It seems to be a safe and smart investment. And where will we drink our coffee in the morning? Right now, the front of the project is being planned, which should include a gym, a cafe, a children’s club and its games, a hair salon and a supermarket. The project is very close to the main roads in Romania and from there there is an exit to all the major cities – highways A3, and highway A0.

Nachmani concludes: "Those who bought a villa in the first marketing wave that opened yesterday, will enjoy an increase in value of about 50 percent within 3-5 years. These are not stories but based assessments backed by real data".

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