"Europe is not enough" – The impressive achievement of the youth team in an intimate documentary film

In June 2022, Israel’s youth soccer team achieved an extraordinary achievement in qualifying for the finals of the European Under-19 Soccer Championship, one of the greatest achievements in the history of Israeli soccer.

A new documentary titled "Europe is not enough" Accompanying the team’s journey to the championship and its historic qualification for the Youth World Cup.

The intimate documentary film follows the team’s players, aged 18-19, as they come from various regions throughout Israel including Tel Aviv, Moshav Ein Hashour on the Gaza border, Beit Tzafafa in East Jerusalem and also from a Dutch youth team, who came to compete against some of the best teams in Europe. Together with their coach, former striker Ofir Haim, the team defeated top teams such as Serbia, Austria and France to qualify for the European Championship.

Throughout the tournament, the players and the coach were recorded on the bench in moments of drama, in the dressing rooms before and during games and in conversations with family members and heads of state who were swept up in the euphoria of the victories. The film also reveals the relationship between coach Ofir Haim and his son Or, a 21-year-old autist, who gave strength and inspiration to the team’s players and contributed to their success.

The documentary film created by Eitan Dotan (the Football Association), directed by Avida Livni and produced by Shenhar Hafkot, also accompanies the team’s journey to Mondiato, the World Under-20 Football Championship, which will be held between May 20 and June 11, 2023. The team’s historic achievement gave An inspiration to many and a testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork and dedication.

"Europe is not enough" Will be broadcast tonight (May 18) at 21:45 on here 11, here digital and here BOX. The fans can also catch all the games of the Israeli national team during the Mondialeto which will start as mentioned on 20.5 and all the games of the Israeli national team will be broadcast on here 11 here digital and here network B.

Sneak peek: The star of the national team, actor Oskar Gluch, talks about his childhood and the encouragement he received from his father in an honest and personal moment.

Photo: from ""Europe is not enough"courtesy of here 11

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