Thanks to the corona: the new book that reveals everything we didn’t know about the king

In his latest book, Dov Friedman delves into the fascinating life stories of Agrippa I and his son Agrippa II, who ruled Judea after Herod’s death. The book accurately describes this turbulent period, and sheds light not only on the secrets of the Roman imperial court but also on the events in Judea and the intrigues in the royal houses of that time.

Friedman, a trailblazer in his profession, spent two years during the Corona epidemic researching the origins of the period and the great literature written about this period. Through personal acquaintance with the sites that appear in the book, he managed to weave a fascinating story about the events of these two kings, the Roman emperors, the atmosphere in Rome and Judea.

At the center of the book is the great dilemma that faced the members of the Herod family – where do they stand in the struggle between the world-embracing Roman culture, and the Jewish world, the land of Israel, focused on faith, and whether it is possible to bridge the two worlds.

A story about the background for writing the book: "With the landing of the corona, the tourist landings stopped, and after a few months of idleness, I decided to become an amateur historian. to retrain, and publish a historical novel. My partner in the literary adventure is King Agrippa I, the prolific grandson of King Herod the Great, and his Hasmonean wife Miriam."

Friedman discovered, thanks to the researches of archaeologist Gabriel Barkai, that"Yad Absalom" In the Kidron Valley is apparently the tombstone of Agrippa. He set out to restore Agrippa and his family to their lost honor.

The book reveals that Agrippa, whose father was murdered by his grandfather Herod when he was three years old, was smuggled by his mother to Rome, where he grew up as a friend of the future emperors, Claudius, and the madman Caligula. He returned to Israel as a king under the protection of Rome, appointed the priests and the elders in the Temple, acted against the apostles of the Christian Jesus and died a mysterious death at the age of 53 in the theater of Caesarea.

Agrippa’s sons, Agrippa II and Bernice, continued his work, but they worsened the situation with Rome, leading to the War of Destruction and Exile. The beautiful and scheming Bernice, was the lover of Titus, destroyer of Jerusalem, and almost became the empress of Rome.

Dov Friedman, the author of the book, has been a trailblazer in Israel for the past 35 years. Following the book, he leads travelers in Jerusalem such as the Kidron and the Jewish Quarter, the Herodion, the Jericho view from Wadi Kelt, Beit Gubrin, Caesarea where Agrippa was born, and where he died, as well as the sites of the Holocaust in the Galilee and the Golan: Yodfat, Zipuri, Tiberias, Magdala, Ginoser and Gamla.

The book is a must read for anyone interested in the history of the Roman Empire and the events that took place in Judea during this tumultuous period.

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